12 proven methods to make money online

make money online

How to make money online: Get started now

The Internet has revolutionized the way we do so many things today, and of course, generating extra income cannot be overlooked in this case.

Today we will tell you how to earn money online easily and safely without leaving the comfort of your home, or without even leaving your smartphone.

Many have already discovered the potential to generate income online, that is, without having to meet office hours, be accountable, or join an employee roster.

And do you want to know who have been some of the most benefited? Well, Hispanics since they can receive payments in foreign currency instead of obtaining them in their local currency.

If you are interested in knowing how to make money online then this note is for you.

Read it to the end and you will see how you will obtain the necessary tools and recommendations to progress economically and at your own pace or work schedule.

What to do to earn money online
If you are convinced that making money online is a great outlet for your finances then do not hesitate to take into consideration the following recommendations:

Visit the platforms that we will present to you in this note so that you know more about it or know for sure which ones will offer you the best results.
Make sure you have at least one smartphone to start generating income working online and immediately.
Sign up for these platforms, access their free instructions, and start monetizing quickly and safely without even having to leave your home.
Methods to earn money online
While it is true that there are dozens of options available on the Internet to earn money, here we will focus on reviewing some of the most effective and popular currently, especially among the Spanish-speaking community.

1. Become an Airbnb host

A little free time and a spare room.

It’s everything you need to start growing your host income on Airbnb.

If you want to own your time and work for yourself or if you already have a full-time job and just want to earn some extra money in your spare time, you can find what you are looking for on Airbnb .

Do you speak Spanish and want to earn money online?

Enroll in the Preply language teaching platform where you will have the opportunity to earn up to US $ 2,000 per month teaching Spanish to foreigners.
The best: You do not need degrees or previous experience.

You can choose when and how often to host.

You can share a spare room in your apartment, offer your entire home the next time you’re out of town, or create a list for a vacation home, if you have one.

Airbnb makes making money online simple by putting your extra space to work for you.

How to start?

The online process to list your address is quite quick and easy: You describe what your space is like, upload some photos and mark the dates when your space is available to travelers.

And the best thing, listing your space is completely free.

Your earnings

So how much could you earn as a host on Airbnb?

Do you want to learn how to create a website that you can live on?

Sign up for the free course “Your Web From Zero” in which Carlos Cano, director of MenteDidáctica.com will teach you the strategies to earn up to US $ 50,000 a year with a website.
The best: You do not need previous experience or knowledge.

To register for free, enter here.

Find out by entering here how much the hosts in your city are earning each month and start imagining your possibilities.

In addition to saving for travel , Airbnb hosts use their extra income to pay off student loans, improve their home, and pursue their passions .

Airbnb also simplifies the checkout process.

Airbnb takes care of charging guests when a reservation is made, and funds are generally released to hosts 24 hours after check-in.

You can configure your payment method according to your interests: direct deposit, PayPal or other options.

To become an Airbnb host, enter here and you can start earning money online to finance your own adventure

Do you have 5 minutes and want to earn money from home?

Find out how you can earn up to US $ 500 a month by answering paid surveys from home.

To sign up and start earning money from home today, sign up here .

2. Become an Uber driver-partner

Uber is currently one of the largest startups in the world, thanks to the capital they have raised and the reach they have had in more than 70 countries in record time.

Today is a very special day because in this post you will learn how to become a partner-driver of Uber and how to be part of the largest network of active users on the planet.

How to register to drive with Uber?

The first thing you should be clear about is that the entire registration process is done online and precisely, that is the first thing you should do, register to drive.

Each country in which Uber is present has its own website, so you just have to look for the page corresponding to the country you are in and where you want to start making money as an independent contractor or driving at the time that suits you best. :

  • To become a partner-driver of Uber in Colombia, enter here .
  • To become an Uber driver-partner in Mexico, enter here .
  • To become an Uber driver-partner in Peru, enter here .
  • To become a partner-driver of Uber in Chile, enter here .
  • To become an Uber partner-driver in Argentina, enter here .
  • To become an Uber driver-partner in Costa Rica, enter here .
  • To become a partner-driver of Uber in Panama, enter here .
  • To become an Uber driver-partner in Bolivia, enter here .
  • To become an Uber driver-partner in Guatemala, enter here .
  • To become a partner-driver of Uber in Uruguay, enter here .
  • To become a partner-driver of Uber in El Salvador, enter here .
  • To become a partner-driver of Uber in Ecuador, enter here .
  • To become a partner-driver of Uber in the Dominican Republic, enter here .

In this part of the process you only have to enter your cell phone number, your email and the occasional personal data.

Do you want to learn to speak English this year?

We present you a free online course with a certificate in which you can make your purpose of speaking English come true .
The course is available at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

To register for the course for free, enter here.

Then you will have to attach and upload the documents that we mentioned a few lines ago.

That is, when you have registered, you must upload a photo of the mandatory insurance against traffic accidents, the vehicle ownership card and obviously your driving license.

Finally, wait a bit and when your registration is approved and you pass your background check, go out and drive.

For that you must download the Uber Partner application for your cell phone.

Connect and you can start earning money immediately and whenever you need it.

How to become an Uber driver-partner

Being part of the most successful public transport platform in the world is simple, it costs nothing and you only have to meet a minimum of requirements, which are divided into three categories and that we will mention below:

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  • Car requirements: the most important is to have a vehicle, which is not necessary to have in your name, but it does comply with these standards:
  • Must be 7 years or older.
  • It must have 4 doors.
  • Excellent aesthetic and mechanical conditions.
  • Have private vehicle plates.

Necessary documents

To partner with Uber you must be at least 20 years old and have these three documents:

  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Mandatory insurance against traffic accidents in force.
  • Vehicle ownership card.

3. How to make money online by filling out surveys


This is undoubtedly one of the most common and globalized ways that you have at hand to answer your questions about how to make money online.

You see, you basically get a pretty hefty monthly payment: hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the number of surveys you fill out on a daily basis.

Through different networks of companies that are dedicated to conducting research for the development of products and services, you can earn money.

To start earning money through surveys, we offer very profitable options for you according to your geographical location.

You just have to register on each site and you will start receiving surveys with which you can earn money every day.

If you live in Spain  (register in all of them and you will generate better income):

Sign up for Surveyeah here .
Sign up for LifePoints  here .
Sign up for Toluna  here .
Sign up for iSurveyWorld  here .

If you live in Mexico  (register in all of them and you will generate better income):

Sign up for Toluna  here .
Sign up for iSurveyWorld  here .
Sign up for Surveyeah here .
Sign up for Opiniolandia  here .

If you live in Colombia  (register in all of them and you will generate better income):

Sign up for Toluna  here .
Sign up for Opiniolandia  here .
Sign up for Surveyeah here .

If you live in the United States  (register in all of them and you will generate better income):

Sign up for Pinecone  here .
Sign up for E-Poll  here .
Sign up for Vindale Research  here .
Sign up for SwagBucks Surveys  here .

If you live in Argentina :

Sign up for Toluna  here .
Sign up for Lifepoints  here .
Sign up for iSurvey  here .
Sign up for Opiniolandia  here .

If you live in Chile :

Sign up for Toluna  here .
Sign up for Surveyeah here .
Sign up for TimeBucks  here .

If you live in any other country:

Sign up for Surveyeah here .

Do you want to know how much they pay and how paid surveys work? Enter this  link .

The best 12 options to earn money by filling out online surveys

1. Swagbucks

With this platform you will know how to earn money online by conducting online surveys.

Let’s say you offer your opinion and in return receive rewards such as gift cards, or rebates from Swagbucks, which you can then enjoy as you please.

The essence of these platforms is to provide valuable information to brands about the products they develop, and even about the way they advertise them, which is a win-win relationship.

Paid surveys are an excellent way to reliably generate money, working a couple of hours from the comfort of your smartphone , computer or tablet.

In addition, it is a very fun way to take advantage of your free time since you will basically be commenting on topics that could be attractive and interesting.

Trust Swagbucks

Currently this platform has 20 million active members, which should give you an idea of ​​its relevance and popularity.

And through it you can access hundreds of daily surveys, so your earnings will grow exponentially in the short term.

You can conduct surveys on the effectiveness of marketing, on brand recognition, products, services and many other topics.

You just need to register, fill out your paid surveys and start earning benefits for your work.

Learn more about Swagbucks by clicking here .

2. The Panel Station

This platform is also dedicated to the business of paid surveys on the Internet.

You complete them and in return you receive points that vary according to the length of the survey and its theme.

Weekly you will receive between 2 or 3 surveys, and you can complete them in a matter of minutes using your smartphone, or with any other electronic device that you have on hand.

This company offers you the option of receiving money, or vouchers, that you can exchange in your favorite stores when you need it most.

So all you have to do is sign up to start filling out online surveys to keep your finances in check.

Learn more about The Panel Station by clicking here .

3. Global Test Market

If you ask yourself, How to earn money online? Well, you should know that carrying out paid surveys can generate significant income without even leaving your home.

Global Test Market is one of the strongest platforms, since it is endorsed by one of the largest market research providers in the world, and therefore, you can conduct online surveys easily, quickly and safely.

The first thing you should do is register for it through your Facebook account, and then it will be enough for you to comply with the following instructions to improve your finances:

  • Complete profile surveys to have a better chance of participating and winning.
  • Check your email inbox daily to verify the invitations you have received.
  • Complete such surveys to earn money.
Mutual benefit

The objective is that the answers obtained with these information gathering instruments influence the development of products or services, and this is why companies take them so seriously in the current era.

You can register on this site without paying any surcharge, they offer you the possibility of earning “Points”, which you can then exchange for prizes, tickets, or raffles, and best of all, your privacy is guaranteed.

Basically you will learn about how to make money online in a matter of minutes, by taking online surveys on various topics: events, cars, movies and more.

Learn more about Global Test Market by clicking here .

4. Toluna Influencers

The idea of ​​this platform is that you know how to make money online while exerting some influence on the world around you.

This platform works with big brands such as Amazon, Sony Music, CBS, Coca-Cola or L’Oreal, just to mention a few.

Through Toluna you can inspire or motivate others thanks to your opinions, and this is one of the biggest attractions of the platform.

This company strives for your opinion to be heard, since it is transmitted to its suppliers, and in parallel, you earn points that you can exchange for technological raffles, money or gift cards.

Consequently, your opinions will have a direct impact on the commercial activity carried out by the big brands, and all you will have to do is fill out surveys periodically.

Learn more about Toluna by clicking here .

5. Livra

Through Livra you will learn about how to earn money online in a very practical way.

It all comes down to 3 steps: participate in paid surveys, share your opinions and exchange your points for memorable prizes.

Livra is considered one of the largest online opinion communities in Latin America, so you can trust that it is a totally reliable platform.

There they allow you to express yourself on current affairs, leisure, brands, etc., while you accumulate points that you can later exchange for donations, prizes or raffles.

It should be noted that the amount of points you will receive will depend on the length and complexity of the questionnaire, and these will be reflected almost immediately in your balance.

Learn more about Livra by clicking here .

6. Greenpanthera

In this virtual community they offer you the opportunity to receive payments for each survey, or survey carried out, and not only that, you can also benefit from each purchase you make.

You will receive the money in your PayPal account, and they will even give you a little money for registering.

By joining Greenpanthera you can start saving as well as generating income by inviting your friends to become members of the page.

But the greatest benefit could be perceived by making purchases from the commercial sellers with whom they work, if you make sure to use the links that they provide you.

Would you like to know how this works? Well, you receive a discount based on the amount spent in a certain online store, and some of the most prominent are Smashbox, Birchbox, Elemis or Timex.

However, you can also buy clothes, food, drinks, products for pets or babies, appliances or items for physical exercise, in some of the affiliated stores, so your options are varied.

Learn more about Greenpanthera by clicking here .

7. SurveyPronto

By registering in SurveyPronto you will be closer to knowing how to earn money online, since there they will send you daily surveys that you will have to answer when you want.

Once you complete your free registration on the platform, you will be able to access the shopping portal that is full of commercial sellers with incredible discounts.

The discounts that they will make you will be variable, since they will be anchored to the amount you spend in the store, but in short, they will be very useful if you are a frequent buyer.

In the same way, you can receive money while you complete paid surveys, and you will have it available in your PayPal account without delays.

Learn more about SurveyPronto by clicking here .

8. Marketagent

Knowing how to earn money online is key in the modern era, especially if you want to boost your finances without having to leave your main job, or if you don’t want to leave home.

With Marketagent you can fill out surveys that are valuable and useful for brands, since they allow them to detect consumer trends or identify data to improve their products or services before launching them on the market.

Generating income this way is quite easy: you just have to open an account, take part in online surveys and exchange your bonus points for cash or a premium.

Likewise, you can take on the task of recruiting friends to join the platform, since in this way you will charge a commission.

Marketagent has 1.6 million active members, and it also has an app for Android and iOS that you can easily download and use.

Learn more about Marketang by clicking here .

9. Nicequest

Are you still thinking about how to earn money online quickly and safely? If so, we invite you to take a look at this online community where you can fill out online surveys that will be well paid.

In this portal you will be rewarded for participating in filling out these questionnaires, and in return, you will receive incredible gifts.

However, you cannot freely join Nicequest, so you must receive a personal invitation through one of the contests they constantly run on their social networks.

The idea of ​​this is that the members are really trained to emit expressions that add value, since the ultimate goal is that reliable statistics can be produced on the topics of the surveys.

You will receive these questionnaires directly in your email, although you can also answer them from the Nicequest application in a matter of minutes.

And every time you do your homework you will receive “Shells”, which are the official currencies of the site.

These can be accumulated or exchanged for very attractive gifts that are available in your online store , such as gourmet products, electronic devices, cosmetics and more.

Learn more about Nicequest by clicking here .

10. Opinion Bureau

Once again, understanding how to make money online will be very practical if you know platforms like Opinion Bureau.

This company coordinates surveys around 11 categories, with lifestyle, technology, well-being or governance being some of the most prominent.

They are directed mainly by the company’s research and marketing department, in order to know your opinion regarding topics that significantly influence the development of the economy, the market and society.

You can win cash, or claim a gift coupon from stores like Amazon, iTunes, or MasterCard.

Learn more about Opinion Bureau by clicking here .

11. IsurveyWorld

You just have to register on this page to start earning money by filling out surveys online.

iSurvey pays you for each completed survey, as long as you have a PayPal account available to receive your money.

When you sign up, you receive a bonus of $ 5, and then you only have to worry about expressing your opinion about products or services that help brands achieve their business objectives.

The more surveys you complete, the more opportunities you will have to participate and receive earnings via PayPal.

Just make sure you complete your profile correctly so that the company can send you surveys that fit your experience, or your interests, so that the data collected is truly reliable.

Learn more about iSurveyWorld by clicking here .

12. Toluna

At the beginning we talked about this platform that will allow you to earn money online without so much effort.

This version is available for Spain and with it you will be able to express opinions that will be processed appropriately.

That is, they will actually reach out to like-minded companies so that they can take positive action on the products or services they bring to the market.

Basically you will have the opportunity to exert a good influence on society by filling out online surveys that Toluna will provide you, which is fantastic.

And in the end you can receive your rewards via PayPal, or through gift cards from major virtual stores.

Learn more about Toluna by clicking here .

4. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the best strategies you can carry out if you want to learn in depth about how to make money online.

Basically you receive a payment for each sale that your users make through your affiliate links , but now we will explain how it works more extensively.

Affiliate Marketing is an extension of Digital Marketing and it is truly one of the most lucrative businesses you can get involved with in current times.

In fact, if you dedicate yourself to doing great work, you can earn up to six figures per year , which is really impressive considering that you will be working from home.


To benefit you need to join one of the most important affiliate programs such as Ebay, Amazon, iTunes, ClickBank, among others and then create your affiliate links.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

In essence, you join these programs for free and then create your links to promote the products of other merchants on your social networks  without the need to have a blog or website.

This is one of the ways in which you can make more money through your social profiles, although if you prefer, you can also do it on your own blog.

So, let’s say you have a profile on a social network and in your publications you can include affiliate links to products or services related to the topics you talk about frequently.

When your users click on these links they will be redirected to the sales platform of the creator of the product or service, and when they complete their purchase you will receive a commission for each sale generated.

You see it? It is

a win-win relationship that benefits all parties involved in Affiliate Marketing.

These are the merchant, the brand –which would be the virtual platform-, and yourself –which would be the affiliate-

How to earn money this way?

The first thing you will need is a website through which you can produce content that attracts potential customers of the products or services you plan to promote.

At MenteDidactica.com we recommend  this online course that will guide you step by step to work from home with this modality by entering here .

Affiliate Marketing is one of your best letters to know how to make money online reliably and profitably, and now we will tell you how to start.


5. Create a blog or website and monetize with Adsense

Every day thousands of pages and blogs are created worldwide and one of the main reasons is that you can monetize these digital spaces to the maximum.

If you have decided to learn very well about how to earn money online, you should pay attention to the following lines because they will be very useful.

Bluehost is one of the best services you have at hand to create your blog or website with just a few steps, which we will list in the next section.

  • Access the Bluehost website .
  • Sign up.
  • Choose the hosting plan and domain that suits you best and click “Get started”. (You can start with a basic plan for just US $ 3.95 per month)
  • When you select your hosting service with Bluehost , you receive your first domain or web address for free (www.example.com)
  • Provide your contact information and then create your account.
  • Choose the payment method of your preference.
  • Create your key or password.
  • Choose the theme of your blog or website – Bluehost has a bank of predesigned themes – although you can also upload one on your own.
  • Create your website, or your blog (in WordPress or through Bluehost’s own panel )

The best part is that you don’t need to have basic or advanced programming skills to complete these tasks successfully, which is extremely practical.

To make your dream of having your website come true in 4 simple steps and start making money through it, enter here .

Once you have created your blog or website , you will have to work hard on Content Marketing, and its organic positioning in search engines to begin with monetization.


How to make money with Google Adsense

Google Adsense integrates the large Google advertising network and allows you to generate money by placing text, interactive or graphic ads on your blog or website .

To start using it, you need to choose the type of ad you want to show, as well as the place where you want it to be displayed, and you will be ready to take advantage of it.

Best of all, only ads that are attractive to your audience will be shown, so everyone is satisfied but you get the best part: the profits.

Learning about how to make money online involves knowing how Google Adsense works, so it doesn’t hurt to get the hang of it right away, okay?

6. Create your own online store with Shopify

How to make money with Shopify

Do you dream of having your own business? If so, you are not alone. Many people would love to run their own business and abandon the daily grind of a dead end job.

While there are many types of businesses that you could start, one that you should definitely consider is e-commerce .

E-commerce sales have grown exponentially in recent years and are expected to continue. In fact, e-commerce sales are forecast to increase from $ 2.3 trillion in 2017 to $ 4.5 trillion in 2021.

Who wouldn’t want a slice of that cake?

So if you’re ready to venture into the world of e-commerce , to help you start your own business, Shopify can help.

What is Shopify ?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows people to create their own businesses from home and sell products over the Internet.

It has been around since 2006 and can help you earn money with less overhead.

When you choose Shopify, you get all the help you need to start your own business.

How much does Shopify cost?

Best of all, Shopify offers a 14-day free trial, after which, if you wish, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

There are different plans to choose from. The larger and more expensive plans also have some additional features that can be used to help your business continue to grow and make more profit.

If you’re not sure what level to sign up for, you can start with the free trial first and upgrade later as your business needs change.

Decide what to sell

If you’re still not sure what to sell, Shopify can help too.

On the home page, you can find a link to help you find products to sell in your store.

Once you know what you are going to sell, it is time to set up your store!

Sign up for Shopify.com to set up your online store and start making money online.


7. Earn money online by creating a course on Udemy

Udemy is a virtual learning platform that offers you the opportunity to generate money online based on a wide variety of topics.

Indeed, there you can buy courses in Marketing, Design, Programming, Art and much more, and therefore the instructors have seen great potential in it.

For this reason, knowing how to make money online starts from understanding that Udemy is one of your greatest allies, and everything indicates that its success will continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

And if you are wondering how much money you can generate, then this will only depend on how many clients you attract through your promotional and marketing efforts.

But for now we can tell you that some of the best-selling courses are Programming, so much so that there are already some that have more than 5,000 students.

He emphasizes that their prices usually average $ 99.99, so it does not take a genius to guess that the profits are really large.

How to create a course on Udemy

Many think that this job deserves a high investment, but the truth is that you can start it just by using your cell phone to record the program material.

Are you interested in knowing how to make money online thanks to Udemy ? If this is affirmative, do not stop following the next steps.

  • Go to the Udemy website .
  • Register or log in if you are already a registered user.
  • Complete a form with the data related to the type of classes you have given before (formal, informal, online, etc).
  • Access the instructor panel.
  • Upload your course (here you must include downloadable resources and videos related to the chosen topic)
  • Start promoting your course to your community of followers so you can attract real students.
  • Generate substantial and scalable income.

To have a better guide in the process, we recommend an online course that will guide you step by step to create and monetize your own online course by entering here .

Knowing how to make money online is equivalent to understanding how you can take advantage of Udemy courses , so get to work as soon as possible.

8. How to make money online doing translations


Would you like to earn money translating without even leaving your home?

We know that it is and that is why we want to share with you a page called “Earn Money In Pajamas” through which you can learn how to sell your services for translations from English to Spanish and receive good income in return.

Obviously you need to master the language, but don’t worry, you don’t need to have a professional title as a translator to carry out these assignments that will allow you to better understand how to make money online legitimately.


How to make money online by translating

As soon as you enroll, you will begin to receive quality training through its educational platform.

In simpler words: they will teach you to generate the necessary income so that you can lead a full life thanks to your performance as a translator.

You can translate works on different topics: sports, business, traveling, technological, political and almost any other you can imagine.

The agenda is really varied and depending on the workload you assume, as the rates will escalate.

For example, on his page you can see that the translation of a 52-page e-book is paid with a payment of US $ 950.

This represents a very prominent entry, taking into account that you will be able to translate at your own pace and that you will only need a computer with Internet access to complete the assignment.

To find out how to earn money online doing translations, go here .

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9. How to make money online by taking pictures


If you are passionate about taking pictures then this could become your dream job.

In this link you will get valuable information on how to earn money online just by taking photos either with your smartphone or with your camera.

As you read it, just take the shots, post the photos on certain special websites and voila, you will be able to receive your income quickly and reliably.

As you can see, in just 3 easy steps you can make your hobby of playing with the camera profitable, which is simply great.

This site called ” Easy Photo Money ” is very practical because it offers you a free introductory course through which you can learn to monetize your hobby of taking photos.

You can also define what are the styles or types of photographic shots that can generate a greater profit.

How to make money online by taking photos

  1. Take the introductory course and learn the basics of photography, as well as other related concepts that will allow you to do an excellent job.
  2. Know the special websites where you must upload your photos so that others can buy them and so you can receive your income.
  3. Take advantage of your smartphone or your camera and turn them into your basic tools to generate money quickly and fun.

To know how to make money online by taking pictures, go here .


10. Make money as a freelancer

Currently there are many platforms that allow you to get clients or apply for important projects under the figure of the freelancer.

This allows you to do any work remotely and online like taking pictures, writing, programming, SEO, marketing and much more.

Fiverr , Upwork , Freelancer and 99 Designs are just some of the most recognized and popular worldwide because there you can get very high paying jobs.

In addition, these platforms are intuitive, friendly and very easy to use since the idea is that you become familiar with them and their operation after taking a quick look.

However, we recommend that you work as a freelancer on the pages that do not charge you a very high commission for each completed project so that your total earnings are not affected.

11. How to earn money online as a virtual assistant


A virtual assistant (VA) is a person who provides support services to other people or companies from a remote location.

The term originated in the 1990s as the ability to work virtually thanks to technological improvements.

Among them the use of high-speed Internet, document exchange and other advances, making remote work a reality.

Virtual assistants are especially sought after by entrepreneurs and online companies who need help but do not want to hire direct staff.

However, many small and medium-sized businesses use virtual support, especially for specific tasks such as social media management.


What do Virtual Assistants do?

In theory, a VA can do anything any other support staff does, except bring the coffee.

However, virtual support tasks are not limited to office work.

Many VAs provide marketing, web design, and other services.

Some virtual assistants specialize in a specific skill set.

For example, a marketing or public relations virtual assistant only does marketing or public relations work.

Other virtual assistants perform a variety of tasks but within a specific industry.

For example, a virtual real estate assistant performs many tasks, but only for real estate clients.

Most virtual assistants have their own virtual assistant business at home.

This allows them to earn more (usually $ 25 per hour or more, depending on the tasks offered) and have greater control over the duties they perform.

However, many small businesses hire virtual assistants in an employment or contract position.

These VAs generally earn $ 10 to $ 15 per hour, depending on the skill set required.


Earn money as a virtual assistant

Some of the great benefits of starting a business as a virtual assistant is that it is quick, affordable, and easy to do.

There is a great need for help, and if you already have the skills and equipment to get started, you can find your first client and be on your way quickly.

The first step is to discover what are the necessary skills to be a good virtual assistant.

And for this, there is a course that in detail can teach you step by step the skills you need to develop.

Also, this course will show you how to offer your services on various platforms in order to achieve the best customers.

In this way, you can earn money online from the comfort of your home, managing your schedule and finances as you have always wanted.

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12. How to make money online as a freelance writer


The generation of content has shown sustained growth in recent years.

Thousands of pages or blogs are published daily around the world that deserve constant maintenance and updating.

So, if you want to increase your income and do not know where to start, this may be your best opportunity to discover how to make money online by writing or creating material of different kinds.

Yes, writing articles can become a gold mine and you cannot help but make the most of it that is within your reach: without leaving your home, without having a professional qualification as a writer or without even letting go of your cell phone. .


How to make money online as a writer

Become a freelance writer immediately just by accessing this platform called ” Earn Money Writing .”

There you will have to pay a registration of US $ 77 or the equivalent in your local currency, and you will immediately have access to the incredible job offers available there.

On this website , once you become a new member, you will be able to receive world-class job offers.

In addition, you will have access to the training platform and you will receive support from their advisors when you need it.

And if that were not enough, you are the only one who decides how much and when to work, that is, you will set your own hours and your own workload.

Payments are made via bank transfer or through recognized payment gateways, and you will even receive a debit card so that you can make withdrawals without problems.

To know how to earn money online as a freelance writer , enter here .

How to make money online: practical advice

If you have decided to put your finances in order and you consider that the best way to achieve it is by becoming independent and taking over your time and your work structure.

The best thing is that you take into account the following recommendations, or else it could cost you a little to adapt to this new model of labor productivity.

1 define your strengths

This is key to outlining the type of work that you could carry out online in an efficient, practical and dynamic way.

For example, if you are good at writing, it is best to make an effort to get assignments related to this area so that everything flows harmoniously.

2. Evaluate the market

If you want to be successful around how to make money online, the wisest thing to do is to dedicate yourself to studying the online job market with precision.

This means that you must analyze the different options available to get virtual jobs that offer significant remuneration.

Once you know how to earn money online, you will be 100% able to carry out tailor-made jobs that do not merit full-time or exclusive dedication, which means that you will be the owner of your own time.

3. Get active!

Once you have verified the sources of the jobs and are completely sure that they are reliable, the next thing you should do is get down to work on how to make money online.

If you are dedicated and persistent, you will begin to receive money quickly or much faster than you would have imagined.

In this note we will give you some powerful and functional options to increase your earnings online and in fact you will know for sure what they are about.

You will also know how they work and how they can help you stabilize financially if you propose to work seriously.

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