20 anime characters with electrical powers (male + female)

From Storm to Thor, fiction has always been home to iconic characters with the amazing power to generate electricity.
Not to be outdone by Western creations, anime has its fair share of talented people who use their electricity for good or evil, or even something in between.

So who are these literally electrifying characters?

From a familiar yellow creature with a lightning bolt tail, to a young killer on a skateboard, check out some of the most iconic electrifying anime characters below.

20. Hajime Nagumo

Anime: Arifureta: from the commonplace to the strongest in the world

Sekai Saikyou’s Shokugyou Arifureta was one of the most typical isekai anime of 2019, but at least it had Hajime Nagumo at the helm.

This MC has one of the toughest changes.

From a meek and ordinary-looking teenager, Hajime developed white hair, red demon eye, and red veins, indicating his transformation into a terrifying and powerful entity.

He was looked down upon (and betrayed) by his classmates.

But he survived his descent into the abyss.

It could be said that he conquered the darkness and was rewarded with insane abilities that could easily brutalize his classmates (and anyone who stands in his way).

Hajime’s powers are abundant, but his lightning field can only deter opponents.

If there is conductive material around, it can easily cover the area with deadly rays.

In addition, his resistance to lighting prevents enemies from doing the same tricks on him.

19. Devil

Anime: How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

Going from one white-haired demonic MC to another here’s someone literally called Diablo.

At first, it was only his intimidatingly strong MMORPG character who had that name.

But then isekai-ed got into the game :

Two fantasy girls (part of his harem, of course) summoned him into their world. But to their surprise, the wrong invocation led them to become his slaves.

Thus begins their journey into a new world as Rem and Shera hope to break free from the spell of slavery.

Speaking of spells, Takuma Sakamoto’s Devil is a level 150 sorcerer who excels at all forms of elemental magic.

From Lightning Bullet and Lightning Arrow to Lightning Sphere and Lightning Storm, you won’t be running out of electrical spells any time soon.

However, it’s his Apocalypse Abyss that enemies should fear the most:

It takes a while to cast, but it creates thirteen points, where the magic of earth, fire, wind, and water violently converge.

With his Apocalypse Abyss spell, the area is engulfed in lightning and common objects turn to dust in an instant. Furthermore, all elemental magic turns into a lightning-infused elemental tornado, destroying everything in its path.

18. Luck Voltia

Anime: Black Clover

This seemingly carefree boy (whose clothes are too big for him) has trouble smiling all the time.

It could be said that it is a curse , especially when his cheerful expression remains even when his enemy is on the brink of death. Her mother was one of the many people who disliked her ever-present smile, and her enthusiasm for fighting and causing trouble didn’t help.

Still, you can’t deny that Luck Voltia is a capable fighter.

This Magic Knight has access to both Lightning Magic and the more powerful True Lightning Magic.

And when he uses his creation magic, he can show off his physical combat skills while wielding objects made with lightning.

Luck continues to chase the thrill of deadly fights, but at least he has learned the value of teamwork.

17. Kurumi Nonaka

Anime: The Testament of Sister New Devil

Starting off as a supporting character tasked with beating Mio Naruse in the main series, Kurumi Nonaka got her well deserved break as she became one of the MCs in the sequel to Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst.

Kurumi isn’t exactly a loli, but she’s not tall either.

And given her small stature, she sometimes surprises people when they see her feminine figure.

But don’t let its appearance fool you:

Kurumi values ​​her identity as a hero, especially when it comes to safeguarding her onee-san Yuki.

As a master of elements, she can wield the magic of wind, water, and lightning.

If he threatens her sister (or Basara), Kurumi won’t think twice about throwing lightning balls.

Also, Kurumi is one of the best girls in Basara’s harem.

16. Torah

Anime: Ushio to Tora

This adaptation of MAPPA and Studio VOLM started in 2015.

However, in a good way, Ushio to Tora felt like a show from decades past, probably because the manga’s source material began in 1990.

Tora is the powerful youkai that Ushio released to save him and his friends from another youkai.

He would have killed the good-hearted boy after being freed, but Ushio had the Beast Lance to defend himself.

And so began their unusual partnership, working together to defeat the impending threats of the supernatural realm.

Is Tora scary?


He had demonic speed and strength to complement his elemental powers. Specifically, it can create fire, deadly gales, and massive thunderstorms whenever it pleases.

He always said that he would eventually devour Ushio, but Tora really cared for him.

Furthermore, the modern world offered him delicious burgers after being imprisoned in a temple basement for 500 years.

15. Rin Azuma

Anime: Isekai Cheat Magician

Rin Azuma, 16, continues to be a kind and honest presenter.

Of course, the way it is transported to the fantasy world is generic in this age of isekai.

Together with her childhood friend (and crush) Taichi, Rin sets out on a journey equipped with excellent magical abilities.

In terms of video games, you got a free tier-up item.

But Rin takes things further:

Rather than simply relying on his surprisingly outstanding level of magic, he uses the scientific concepts he learned in school to generate more complex and powerful spells.

As the first Quad Magician in Isekai Cheat Magician, she can manipulate wind, water, earth, and fire.

Part of her wind element is lightning, and Rin can launch thunder, lightning, and wield a lightning sword.

The series is lightweight and predictable in many ways.

But it’s hard not to be attached to Rin.

She is a good girl who explores a magical world and improves her skills, while developing romantic feelings for a boy.

14. Akeno Himejima

Anime: High School DxD

Like Shinmai Maou no Testament, the High School DxD franchise is home to an incredible harem.

However, unlike Kurumi Nonaka, Akeno Himejima was one of the MCs from the beginning.

With incredibly long hair and a well-endowed figure, Akeno has no problem with the charming Issei.

However, her seemingly perfect feminine personality hides her dark past.

Akeno hates herself for being an angel of the fall, and that is why she distanced herself from her father Baraqiel.

Fortunately, Issei helped her rekindle her connections with her father and come to terms with her mother’s passing.

But even though Akeno may now be more of a masochistic woman to Issei, her sadistic side will always be there for her enemies.

With his Lightning Demonic Power and Holy Lightning, he can overwhelm opponents with stun bolts and massive shocks.

13. Gilthunder

Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins

Also known as Little Gil, this salmon-haired Sacred Knight has the conventionally handsome face and tall physique for the hero of a fantasy kingdom under attack, but he is only a minor character in the series.

Still, Gilthunder has the fighting will and combat prowess to match Meliodas.

His long sword is infused with lightning magic, amplifying his offensive and defensive potential.

And he is one of the most fearsome fighters in Brittania who can take down armies without help.

But what I like most about Gilthunder is its long history shared not only with Meliodas, but even Howzer and Elizabeth Liones (and Veronica).

He is a good boy, simply forced to hate his dear friends due to his circumstances.

12. Laxus Dreyar

Anime: fairy tale

Fairy Tail’s powerful high-ranking blonde wizard has a problem that affects some people from prominent or prestigious families in real life.

You see, Laxus Dreyar’s grandfather is Makarov Dreyar, the titular guildmaster.

Because of this, he began to think that he was only known by his last name.

In turn, he longed to prove himself.

From a humble boy, Laxus grew into a boastful man who ridiculed others he considered weak.

He is a master at Lightning Magic, and this only made him believe even more in his superiority.

Laxus could generate lightning and electricity with ease, and could modify its distance, area of ​​effect, and intensity.

Not to mention, this S-Class wizard can transform into an ultra-fast, deadly lightning bolt.

But on the bright side, he has since become kinder again (after a tumultuous battle).

Laxus is doing what he can to pay for his crimes and keep the Thunder God Tribe in the guild. Perhaps this selfless attitude is how you can forge your own legacy.

11. Lambo

Anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

This 5-year-old hit man (yes, he’s that young man) from Bovino Famiglia has the appearance of a human cow.

Lambo was supposed to defeat Reborn when he moved to Japan. But he was too weak to do so, and this was even after he used the 10-year-old Bazooka to transform into a 15-year-old Lambo.

Soon Lambo becomes part of the Sawada residence, much to the dismay of Tsuna and Reborn, among others.

I know he’s somehow treated like the pesky child animal pet in this 203-episode shounen series, but he’s still cute.

His current 15-year-old self can’t fully control the electricity stored in his horns, but it’s a sight to behold whenever he gets nervous enough to unleash its power.

And while the rare 25-year-old Lambo only appears briefly, his presence adds a lot of value to Lambo.

10. Denki Kaminari

Anime: My Hero Academia

Also known as Chargebolt, the outgoing Denki Kaminari is one of those classmates you have in real life who keeps everyone glued to it.

It doesn’t matter if you are someone as moody as Bakugo, he will love your company.

Denki does not have excellent (or decent) academic grades, but you will be surprised by his acumen in subjects like art and literature.

Furthermore, their rash or less favorable actions do not harbor deceptive goals.

On the contrary, Denki will defend his classmates if someone ridicules them.

If he is very apprehensive in combat when his classmates are around, it is because he does not want his Don to hurt them.

Speaking of his Gift, Denki’s Electrification can severely paralyze the audacity to touch any part of his body.

And if Denki wants to, he can unleash a ton of electricity at a time, traveling everywhere and electrifying anyone within reach.

Its power can reach over a million volts, but it will end up laughing humorously non-stop for about an hour.

9. Ash’s Pikachu

Anime: Pokémon

If there’s one furry creature that belongs on this list, it’s Ash’s Pikachu.

In existence since 1997, Pikachu is not only the most famous Pokémon in the long-running series but also one of the most recognizable characters in anime.

Pikachu’s electric attacks like Thunderbolt and Thunder Shock are known all over the world.

It backs up these elemental abilities with superb agility, impressive physical attacks (given its size), and it can also lead other Pokémon if Ash isn’t around.

But more than his proven greatness in battle, fans admire Pikachu for his friendly personality and how he and Ash have overcome so much together, defeating a ton of trainers over the years while learning from their losses.

Ash and Pikachu are the best of friends.

And Pokémon will continue to be a worldwide phenomenon with them around.

8. Enel

Anime: One Piece

What can you do against the God of Skypiea?

To be fair, Enel is not a literally divine, omniscient and omnipotent being.

He just thinks he’s a real god, which is why his devoted followers are known as the Army of God.

In truth, he is just a very tall man (he is almost 9 feet tall) from Birka who received lightning powers from the Goro Goro no Mi.

This devil fruit gave Enel supreme control of lightning:

It can hit enemies with up to 200,000,000 volts of lightning. That’s over the top, but that’s exactly what you need as the so-called God of Skypiea.

Additionally, Enel can turn into lightning, possessing her incredible speed and damage ability.

Hedonistic and arrogant, he is a tyrant who was rightfully paired with Luffy.

Enel is practically invincible against others, but the MC’s rubber body was the perfect response against him.

7. Makoto Kino

Anime: Sailor Moon

In the 1990s, the world was going crazy with the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys.

Along the same lines, anime fans had their own popular girl group. These were the Sailor Guardians, one of which is Sailor Jupiter.

Also known as Makoto Kino, she was the tallest and most physically built of the group, which made people think she was a criminal.

Actually, she was like other girls in her class:

Makoto had traditionally feminine traits, such as enjoying gardening, baking, reading romance, and the color pink.

And you have to admire their self-reliance.

Yes, she was forced to become more independent due to a tragic incident. But it’s inspiring to see her bring the security and love that life temporarily took from her at a young age.

With her Thunder and Lightning Antenna fitted on her tiara, Sailor Jupiter can launch powerful abilities like Jupiter Thunder Hurricane and Supreme Thunder to keep her friends and the public safe from evil.

6. Ginji Amano

Anime: GetBackers

The anime was not a complete and faithful adaptation of the manga, but GetBackers is still a fun moment when you have Ginji and Ban at the helm.

Formerly known as the Lightning Emperor, Ginji was once the frontman for the VOLTS gang in Infinity Fortress. No one dared challenge his position for good reason.

But that was the past.

In the present, Ginji adopts a brighter and brighter demeanor as Ban’s friend and co-worker, and who, amusingly, has no sense of direction.

So why was it the Lightning Emperor?

Ginji harnesses the same fierce beam that engulfs the Infinite Fortress.

It can produce lightning with ease and can even manipulate other people’s minds by controlling electromagnetic waves.

Given his abilities, it is good that he is now on the side of justice.

5. Killua Zoldyck

Anime: hunter x hunter

Even if you’ve only seen the 1999 version of Hunter x Hunter, you’ll agree that Killua Zoldyck is top-notch.

And how could he not be so loved?

In addition to being the heir to the feared assassin family, Killua is a hunter and Gon Freecs’ best friend.

He is young, but he has the killing instincts of older and more experienced people, and he has a personalized yo-yo as a weapon.

Of course, he is very skilled due to his torturous training.

This is why Killua can tolerate electric shocks and why his Nen transmutation has the identity of electricity.

The pain he experienced under the surveillance of his family eventually led him to develop his Whirlwind and Lightning Speed, improving his reaction speed and general physical dexterity using electric aura.

However, despite his traumatic training, he was still able to behave in a childish and childish manner.

And with Gon’s help, Killua learned to be more humble and caring, especially with his dear (and first true friend).

4. Sasuke Uchiha

Anime: Naruto

Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki have one of the most legendary rivalries and friendships in anime.

His thirst for power and his desire to murder his own brother (ever since Itachi killed the rest of his clan) were among the hottest topics among anime fans in the 2000s.

No one expected him to side with Orochimaru and Akatsuki just so he could achieve his goal.

Of course, times have changed for the better since then.

While not usually in Konoha, Sasuke is happily married to Sakura and is trying to be a good father to Sarada.

However, what hasn’t changed are his ultra-powerful abilities.

Sasuke is fantastic with fire-type moves, but you can’t deny his Lightning Release master.

Kakashi gave him the Chidori, and he improved this ability, developing ninjutsu like Chidori Current and Chidori Senbon.

Lastly, he can even increase his speed using Lightning Release and equip the Sword of Kusanagi with lightning to amplify its sharpness.

3. hey

Anime: Darker than Black

Hei will always be one of my favorite characters, even if Darker than Black will never have a third season.

Known humorously as “Chinese Electric Batman” by fans of the series, Hei is a hybrid entity.

Unlike other contractors, he is not paid because he inherited his power from Bai, his younger sister.

Like the so-called Black Reaper or BK-201, it can manipulate electricity and release it through conductive materials.

Hei has remarkable control of his power, and his knife and metal wire ensure that his power can reach much longer distances. Similarly, Hei’s trench coat is conductive and bulletproof.

But he is in this place because of his long struggles and his path to redemption.

Hei struggles with his identity but chooses to persevere.

He had a bright future with Yin, but now he has to get her back (and no one really knows what’s going on). Also, you must come to terms with your past and stay alive from all the organizations that haunt you.

BK-201 doesn’t always win.

He turned to alcoholism, hopelessness, and aggressiveness when he lost Yin.

But the second season showed that there is always a possibility of redemption.

2. Kakashi Hatake

Anime: Naruto

Sasuke may have developed Kakashi’s Chidori further, but I find the latter more compelling as a character.

Kakashi’s life is full of hardships and regrets:

His mother died at a young age while his father committed suicide. He was a very promising ninja, but his strict adherence to the rules sometimes made things difficult for others.

Worse still, the fate of his two teammates (Obito and Rin) made him feel deeply guilty and lonely in his adulthood.

Fortunately Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura slowly but surely improved Kakashi’s mentality.

It was key to his growth both individually and as a team.

And although Kakashi is usually alone, he will be there whenever Konoha needs him.

After all, he is an amazing leader, strategist, and fighter.

With Lightning Release (among other nature transformations), he can cast Chidori, Lightning Release, and Purple Electricity, the latter being a powerful technique that he developed during his time as the Sixth Hokage.

Kakashi is hailed for many things, but both Naruto characters and fans will appreciate him more as the leader (and teacher) of Team 7.

1. Mikoto Misaka

Anime: Certain Scientific Railgun

Taking first place is Toaru Kagaku no Railgun’s “One True Biri-Biri” and MC, Misaka Mikoto.

As the strongest Electomaster in Academy City, this Esper’s lightning abilities are unmatched.

In addition to producing and controlling electricity, Mikoto can increase her voltage to one billion, that’s five times Enel’s maximum capacity from One Piece.

Only that crazy result makes her the champion of this list.

But it turns out that Mikoto is also an extremely attractive MC.

I love that he usually only uses coins for his Railgun, which says a lot about how much his ability can transform even small metal objects into deadly projectiles.

And while this former child prodigy is seen as a refined young woman, Mikoto is actually a fiery tsundere who can be childish and insecure (especially when it comes to her bust size).

He loves cute things, including Gekota, the frog’s pet.

Last but not least, Mikoto remains humble despite her extraordinary abilities.

She values ​​hard work, has no problem befriending Espers on different levels, and is a natural leader who will always fight for justice.

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