30 Highest Paid and Requested University Degrees

highest paid and requested university degrees

University Careers: Know the most profitable options

University Careers are those that define the destiny of a person.

Daring to follow the path that each career offers is an academic challenge for everyone, but at the same time guarantees a prize at the end of it.

An award that naturally goes beyond the tribute your parents will pay you upon graduation.

That award is none other than exercising a profession that you like in exchange for a salary with which to finance your lifestyle.

There are many people who are inclined towards University Careers, taking as a starting point the value of the salaries that each professional can acquire.

And this is something that cannot be judged, it is a decision stimulated by the desire to have greater economic freedom.

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Deep down, almost all people dare to choose a profession, motivated by the salary they can obtain, despite the fact that many qualify said choice on the grounds that it is something that occurs by the impulses of the heart.

What career to choose?


In this article on University Careers you will discover which are the 30 best paid, internationally.

In some we will give you a clue about the level of income you could receive.

And to make it clearer, we will give the data in dollars , which at the moment is the best known currency worldwide.

However, the figures referenced here are not the same for all countries, since that depends on the value of each profession.

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Social guarantees, for example, for doctors in Europe are not the same as in any other country in Latin America or Asia.

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Even so, you will be able to get a clear perspective on why a profession, such as those referenced here, the merits involved in exercising a profession, are synthesized in an excellent salary.

The 30 highest-paid and most requested university degrees

  1. Medicine
  2. Psychiatry
  3. Physical
  4. Chemistry
  5. Architecture
  6. Telecommunications Engineering
  7. Systems engineer
  8. Videogame designer
  9. Electronic Engineering
  10. Mechanical Engineering
  11. Journalism
  12. Right
  13. Marketing and publicity
  14. Accounting and economics
  15. Business Administration
  16. Nursing
  17. geology
  18. Commercial airplane pilot
  19. Mining Engineering
  20. Business management
  21. odontology
  22. Economy and Finance
  23. industrial engineering
  24. Bacteriology
  25. Political Sciences
  26. Electronics and automation
  27. Manufacturing and processes
  28. Banking and insurance
  29. Pharmaceutical
  30. Civil Engineering


  1. Medicine

It is essential to start with this race. For Asian and European countries, this profession deserves all possible respect.

The doctor is treated as a kind of saint, in whose hands lies the responsibility of public health.

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It is a very diverse profession, with various specializations.

Just as you can be a general practitioner who takes care of the situation of each patient and then transmit it to an expert.

You can also be that same expert who offers his service in urology, cardiology, gynecology, among others.

In the case of surgeons, it is these professionals who obtain the best salary.

Although here also comes into play the health system that each country has and the economic problems that private health companies usually have.

A good professional in this sector can obtain a minimum salary of $ 3,000 a month.

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In Europe, the minimum is around € 5,000 euros.

2. Psychiatry

As one of the highest-paying college majors, psychiatry is a discipline that is beyond medicine.

In other words, to be a psychiatrist you must first have studied each of the years that are part of the training of all doctors.

What happens is that the psychiatrist has a specialization that not only focuses on the neurological behavior of the brain.

It also studies in depth what the universe of the mind supposes in relation to the daily life of the person.

In short, it is one of the University Careers where the human mind and its diseases are best known in depth.

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The billing that a psychiatrist can have for his work far exceeds the traditional salary of a doctor.

If you specialize as a psychoanalyst, rest assured that your salary will be even larger.

3. Physics

This is one of the University Careers that has the most echo in the professional world.

Physics is a subject that complements the training of many engineering companies, including construction and aeronautical engineering.

For this reason, professionals who work as physics teachers have a fairly high salary.

In the United States, a university professor of this subject can bill up to $ 120,000 a year.

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A career where there is much to study and much to understand about the relationship of the world with the Universe.

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4. Chemistry

As with the physics career, chemistry is a subject that contributes a lot to what other University Careers entail.

So sectors such as the food industry or construction could not be established without the theoretical foundations of this discipline.

That is the reason why university professors in the United States get a salary quite similar to the one previously named.

If it is a teacher in a Latin American country, the value decreases considerably.

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In general, the salary of a professional in the Hispanic world could be at a minimum of $ 3,000.

5. Architecture

Architecture is a career that not only consists of creating a building, creating it from the imagination.

It is a discipline that manages to affect the daily life of people, the thought and the space where each construction is built.

So shaping a construction requires training in one of the most demanding University Careers.

The prize in exchange for this is a very high salary, while enjoying a profession that is esteemed as an art.

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6. Telecommunications Engineering

Today, with all the sophistication of telecommunications and new technologies, daring to study this career is a very smart choice.

It is an excellently paid career, through which you can end up working in major companies such as Google, Apple or Microsoft.

Telecommunications move the world and the professionals in this sector as well.

So it is one of the University Careers where, in Latin American countries, your basic salary can be around $ 3,500.

If you can specialize and start progressing, the value can double.

If you work with international companies, your income will be very juicy.

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7. Systems Engineering

Without a doubt, this is one of the most important University Careers of the moment.

Being a systems analyst and writing code for software represents a very demanding task and, therefore, very well paid.

The demand for software creation and the maintenance that derives from it, requires professionals willing to spend their working hours in front of a PC.

In terms of salaries, earnings vary considerably from country to country.

For the most advanced countries, such as the United States, Germany or Sweden, the value of annual income would be a minimum of $ 130,000.


8. Videogame designer

Very hand in hand with the previous point, the video game designer (which is a profession where design, illustration and code creation for software are integrated), has the right to a large volume of income.

It is one of the races of the future.

In fact, if you have talent and dedication, you could create your video game app for the Google Play Store or App Store yourself and start billing for the level of visits and downloads you have.

This is due to the advertising system that you can link to such software.

If your game is a success, later some video game development company will try to acquire the rights.

9. Electronic Engineering

This is another of the so-called careers of the future.

And of the present too, of course.

It is one of the University Careers that involves deep learning about what mathematics is, as well as chemistry and physics.

In this discipline, it integrates a bit of everything, but it has an equally wide field of action.

Electronic engineering salaries are as high as those of a systems engineer.

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10. Mechanical Engineering

By the mere fact of being engineering, this profession will allow you to obtain a large income, similar to that of the electronic engineer or the architect.

In recent years, the profession has been positioning itself due to the impact that mechanics has in the industrial sector, as well as in the automotive sector.

11. Journalism

A profession that has a lot to offer to society.

It is not just about broadcasting news on television or being a live and direct reporter.

Journalism is a discipline where investigation and the search for the truth always involve a risk.

It is not easy to report unscrupulous institutions, companies and individuals.

For this reason, the salary that a journalist holds, in a Latin American country, is usually at a minimum of $ 2,500, both for those who work in the press and on television.

If it were a first world country, the salary multiplies considerably according to your experience.

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12. Law

Perhaps one of the most versatile professions that exist.

The branch of law does not have to do exclusively with the endorsement of rights by a thief or criminal.

It also has other fields of action such as insurance policies, legal advice to companies, inheritances and property separations.

The salary is very relative, although it is known that in a country like Colombia, there are professionals in this sector who invoice figures of $ 5,000 per month.

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13. Marketing and advertising

Of course, one of the University Careers that could not be missed in this count has to do with advertising and brand positioning.

In a world where marketing is so important, it is essential to work with professionals who have a clear business perspective and creative campaigns to impact society.

Wages are very relative. But it can be estimated that the lowest can be around $ 3,000 to $ 4,000 per month.

14. Accounting and economics

And just as you need specialists in marketing and advertising, you also need experts who can have control over company finances.

This is one of the University Careers where we are currently working with a type of accounting software that allows us to further analyze the income, expenses and taxes of any state or private entity.

Salaries are also very diverse.

In Europe But if it is a recent graduate who starts working in a country like Spain, your minimum wage could be around € 5,000 euros.

15. Business administration

Not much needs to be said about this profession.

It is a mix between accounting and economics, balanced with what is marketing and online business.

The mission of the business administrator is to lead them to a successful conclusion, whether they are large or small.

In European countries, a business manager may be making a profit of $ 8,000 or more.

It all depends on the type of company in which the professional is located, since on certain occasions support jobs are carried out for other more advanced professionals in the administrative sector of business.

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16. Nursing

This is one of the university courses with the highest demand in locations such as Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and Chile, so its pay is quite profitable.

And if you have a great vocation for service and you are passionate about helping others, then it is very likely that this career will generate a lot of enthusiasm for you.

This is one of the best-paid university degrees, so much so that if you graduate as a nurse you could earn around $ 24,000 per year.

Also, the chances that you can get a job as soon as you receive your academic degree are almost 94%, which is an incredible plus of this profession.

In essence, it is a science of health dedicated to the care or care of the wounded or sick, as well as the performance of health tasks that follow established clinical guidelines.

17. Geology

Geologists are other highly sought-after professionals today, especially if they have advanced knowledge in petroleum geology or seismology.

The geology consists of the study of the composition of the internal and superficial structure of the earth, as well as the evolutionary processes that it has experienced through geological time.

It combines the study of numerous important geosciences such as Stratigraphy – the study of sedimentary and volcanic rocks – or Geophysics, just to mention a few.

Those who study this career can be paid about $ 17,000 a year, however, it requires a lot of effort, dedication, and study since it is one of the most complex sciences you can imagine.

But if you decide to study it, you have a very good chance of building a good future for yourself, and in fact, its engagement rate almost reaches 90%.

18. Commercial airplane pilot

This is perhaps one of the wittiest or fun university degrees that we will announce to you today, but that does not mean it stops being very well paid.

Studying it costs between $ 68,000 and $ 113,000, but in just one year of practice, you can recoup the investment.

That’s right, if you become an Aviator, you could earn a salary of $ 5,700 per month, which averages more than $ 60,000 a year. Not bad, right?

However, you must be clear that the level of demand of this career is extremely high, and that you will have to undergo very rigorous tests in order to graduate.

But if you are willing to take them and you are really passionate about flying, then do not let anything stop you until you graduate, even if it warrants asking for a bank loan.

19. Mining Engineering

Those who study it coordinate the extraction of the natural resources present in the mines, and since there are many in Latin America, it is there where they have more scope of work.

Mining Engineers earn about $ 11,000 a year, which is striking because it is lower than the payments already raised.

And if you are wondering why this abysmal salary difference is due, well we will answer you honestly: the low cost of living in some Hispanic latitudes.

This is due to the fact that in many Spanish-speaking countries salaries are relatively lower than in Europeans, and therefore, less money is needed to cover all expenses.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Absolutely and it is a detail that you must take into account if you dare to study this profession since it is very important.

Mining Engineering is in charge of the extraction of mineral resources mainly through mining techniques and knowledge of Explosives Engineering.

20. Business management

This has a lot to do with another of the most successful and best-paid university degrees in the world: Business Administration.

This is due to the boom in the positions of Account Manager or Retail Sales in recent years, especially in more developed countries.

This is not a coincidence since in them electronic commerce has grown by leaps and bounds, and therefore companies in this field are in such a hurry to hire these professionals.

So if you get any of these charges, it is very likely that you will receive more than $ 65,000 a year, although this amount may be a little higher in some cases.

Business Administration and Management are part of the Economic Sciences and deserve the learning of financial fundamentals, auditing, marketing, etc.

21. Dentistry

Who needs to take care of their oral health? Everyone! So Dentistry is one of the most promising university majors in the world.

We are not exaggerating in saying this, and it is very likely that your monthly salary is $ 5,600, earning in total about $ 68,000 a year.

Dentists are empowered to make diagnoses, recommend treatments and prevent diseases of the gums, teeth, jaws or periodontal tissue.

Today there is a very good relationship between supply and demand in this health sector, so your insertion into the labor field will probably be very favorable.

And do you know the best of all? that by qualifying you can practice as a Dentist and Implantologist in many European or American countries, so your job opportunities will literally double.

22. Economy and Finance

Those who are titled as Economists are dedicated to the study and analysis of the causes and consequences of certain economic phenomena linked to costs and benefits.

They must elaborate and interpret micro and macroeconomic factors, as well as analyze markets, financial statements and much more.

This is one of the university courses with the greatest field of action today on a universal scale, and more and more companies are recruiting the brightest professionals

If you are lucky and they offer you the position of CFO in a company, you can end up receiving about $ 50,000 a year, which is quite profitable.

23. Industrial Engineering

This branch of engineering is responsible for optimizing the use of human, informational and technical resources that govern the systems for the transformation of goods and services.

Its professionals also have to do with the evaluation of integrated systems, equipment, processes, and materials involved in obtaining high-quality products that satisfy the needs of individuals.

This is one of those university degrees that continues to gain ground in European countries such as Spain and in the vast majority of Latin American nations.

So if you study it and get a job that offers you an average salary – we’re talking about $ 77,000 a year – you will be highly favored.

24. Bacteriology

Once again the health sciences say present, and in this case, Bacteriology, or the science that is responsible for studying bacteria, steals all the attention.

Those who obtain this degree are in charge of studying the microorganisms microbiologically and then classifying them and thus optimizing the drugs.

It is intrinsically linked to the pharmaceutical industry and, believe it or not, is in high demand nowadays.

As for its remuneration, we can tell you that it averages $ 15,000 per year, and although it is not very striking, it still has an 85% engagement rate

25. Political Science

It is also known as Politology and it is a social science in charge of studying politics, theoretically and practically, as well as social systems and behaviors.

Political scientists seek to establish logical and accurate explanations about the facts of political reality, and for this they rely on other university careers such as Sociology, Law, or Economics.

Its payment is around $ 14,000 per year, and although it is not very high, it is still profitable in a large number of Spanish-speaking countries.

26. Electronics and automation

This is one of the branches of applied science that deals with studying the behavior, manipulation and transport of electrons by means of semiconductors.

This is complemented with the application of the same through communication systems and automation of electronic processes.

Its professionals are in charge of planning, designing, developing, monitoring, and maintaining equipment, electronic systems, and machines, but they are also linked to automation.

The remuneration for this career ranges from $ 14,000 to $ 16,000 a year in most Latin American countries, but in Europe, this amount is much higher.

27. Manufacturing and processes

Those who graduate from this university program work in the manufacturing industry and are involved in generating and distributing electricity, as well as supplying gas and water.

But they also fulfill functions related to the commercial, transport, and even storage sectors, so that their responsibilities are very varied and broad.

People who enter the labor market exercising this trade earn about $ 15,000 per year, but given that demand continues to rise, they can benefit greatly.

28. Banking and insurance

The world of finance continues to grow and evolve, and therefore, this career continues to gain popularity worldwide.

More and more people are interested in graduating in Banking and Insurance, and in fact, it is a very complete and comprehensive career since it involves different branches of study or learning

Its professionals are dedicated to planning, directing, organizing, and controlling financial activities and services, so it deserves a very rigorous preparation.

Therefore, they must have knowledge in the control and monitoring of financial resources, as well as in the presentation of this type of services both at the corporate and individual level.

Pay ranges from $ 17,000 to $ 19,000 a year, but often the remuneration is higher – more than anything else in regions with highly saturated markets.

29. Pharmaceutical

Again the studies related to health and sanitation are manifested in this note; For this reason, it is valid to corroborate that they tend to be one of the best paid.

Pharmacists, pharmaceutical chemists, or apothecaries gain skills in health, medicine, quality control, and drug production.

They are empowered to produce allopathic, cosmetic, homeopathic, and even dietary medicines.

The average payment is $ 69,000 per year in the most advanced countries, and in some European locations, such as Spain, it is around 60,000 euros.

30. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers design, build and maintain the infrastructures that are located in their surroundings such as bridges, canals, dams, airports, levees, and more.

For this, they must have solid knowledge in other areas such as Environmental, Sanitary, Urban Engineering, as well as Geophysics, or Mechanics.

This career is highly demanded in almost every country in the world, and therefore, it is very likely that you will not have problems inserting yourself into the labor market after graduating.

And if you do, your compensation will be very lucrative because on average it ranges between $ 45,000 and $ 50,000 a year.

Successful college careers

Now that you know about some of the highest-paying university degrees in the world today, it is time for you to ask yourself which one attracts you the most.

But remember to discover your vocation so that your academic training is more pleasant, and above all, try to exercise your profession with care, discipline, and excellence. Okay?

Start a business or study a university career

Now, not all people decide to opt for University Careers.

Some take on the challenge of starting their own business better, investing their money in financing it than in the studies and the years that this implies.

It is not an easy decision to make.

Therefore, if you are one of those who have the mentality that there are other ways to earn a living, we can suggest that you dare to follow the following Udemy course :

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