Electric lawn mower: Which are the best of 2022?

Electric lawn mower Which are the best of 2020

The electric lawn mower is a formidable tool to make life easier for users. In addition to being generally cost-effective, they are also ergonomic, lightweight and non-polluting. Unlike gasoline, they do not emit gases, so they are environmentally friendly.

If you are looking for a reliable machine that will help you with all your garden maintenance, care and pruning tasks, in this article you will find all the information you need about an electric lawn mower.

The best electric lawn mower on the market

The electric lawn mower is ideal for medium and small gardens and pleases users because of its great cost-effectiveness. In addition, they are ideal for residential areas as they do not pollute and make less noise. The following are the best models available on the market today:

  • The most ergonomic electric lawn mower
  • The electric lawn mower with the best durability
  • The best electric lawn mower with safety lock

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About an Electric Lawn Mower

When looking for an electric lawn mower, it is normal for numerous doubts to arise, since there are many details to be observed in this equipment. Check the answers to the main questions in the section below, so that you can feel more prepared to make the best choice.

For whom is the electric lawn mower most suitable?

If you have a large garden, which has a lot of trees, rocks and other obstacles, the electric lawn mower is not the most recommended. The cable may get tangled and you will lose a lot of time. The electric model is a great option for small gardens with few obstacles.The equipment has a rotating blade of great power and small size, so they weigh very little. This allows it to be easier to handle. In addition, it requires little or no maintenance, which is another favorable point. The cuts that the electric lawnmower allows usually range from 2 to 6 cm.

Electric lawn mower or gasoline? Which to choose?

This is one of the biggest questions that arise when buying an electric lawn mower. In fact, there is no single answer to this, as it depends a lot on the needs of each one. Check below which is the best according to what you need:
Electric Gasoline
Great for those with a small garden Good option for those with a garden larger than 150 m
Ideal for those who don’t mind having a lawn mower with less performance Good for those who don’t care about the noise or the weight of the machine
Good option if price is a determining factor in your purchase Great choice if you are looking for durability

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an electric lawn mower?

Now that you have clearer in your mind which is the most suitable electric lawn mower according to what you want it is important that you know what are the advantages and disadvantages of this equipment, so check the table below:
  • Cable models have good power
  • Are cheaper
  • Allows you to cut any type of grass
  • They hardly need maintenance
  • Do not pollute
  • Make less noise
  • The cutting height is generally adjustable between 20, 40 and 60 mm
  • It is not a good option for large gardens or with obstacles
  • Not suitable for areas with trees
  • The cable can get tangled
  • The grass catcher basket is usually small

Should I choose a helical or rotary blade?

Helical blades are those used by professional models, for example, to cut grass on football fields. The problem is that they are generally not easily accessible, since they are more expensive and intended for certain models that run on gasoline.Below, we explain what the different types of blades on an electric lawn mower look like and their main characteristics:

  • Helical: Provides perfect and clean cuts. They require more maintenance and must be sharpened in specialized shops. Recommended for fine cuts in high quality grass.
  • Rotary: are the most common in electric lawn mowers. They stand out for their resistance to impacts and for being able to be sharpened by the users themselves.

Is it worth buying an electric lawn mower with a shredder?

The shredding function crushes the cut grass into very small pieces. In addition to saving space in the basket, it can also be used as a fertilizer. In this way, the same cut grass can be added to the soil. This proved to be a very efficient system as it protects the grass.This system is a more ecological function of the electric lawn mower since the grass that is cut is not wasted. Thus, your lawn will have much better quality and a more vivid color.

The most important

  • Unlike traditional models that run on gasoline, the electric lawn mower does not pollute. Because they do not use fuel, they do not emit gases into the atmosphere. In addition, they emit less noise, so you don’t risk disturbing your neighbors.
  • In the market, you will find two types of electric lawn mowers: with battery and with cable. The models with cable are a little more powerful, although it is a disadvantage that they have to remain connected to the outlet.
  • One of the most important criteria to be observed when looking for an electric lawn mower is the power, because if it is low, the equipment may have less durability.

The best electric lawn mower with safety lock

Electric Lawn Mower With Pickup 2500W is the best electric lawn mower with safety lock.

To ensure that no one will tamper with the lawn mower without your permission, especially if they are children, the best thing to do is to purchase this model, which has a safety lock. In addition, it has a cutting height adjustment that varies in 3 positions, and an approximate yield of 400 m².

The electric lawn mower with the best durability

This electric lawn mower from Trapp is an excellent purchase for anyone looking for durable equipment, as it has an anti-corrosion treatment that guarantees greater resistance. In addition, it has a height adjustment of the cut in 9 positions, so that you can leave the grass exactly at the height you want.

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