What is studied in the International Business career

International Business career

First of all, you should know that to be part of this professional career. However, despite the areas mentioned above of knowledge, in a Bachelor of this type, people study and analyze from basic concepts about laws to strategies for solving problems at the business level.

Are you aware of what the terms of deviated trade, asset placement, trade differentiation, or tariffs refer to? A good question to start, huh? Therefore, what do you think if we continue to approach the main question and discover what is studied in the International Business career. 

This month, come to the ISEC Business University and find out about this professional career and others. Well, with this article, we hope to support you with some of your questions. 

Although it is desirable for an applicant to enter this professional career with previous knowledge of economics or law, in the Bachelor of International Business ( Curriculum ), you will strengthen your expertise in methodologies and strategies currently implemented in imports and exports of large and medium-sized companies. Business. Also, you will know the laws that are handled in these movements inside and outside of Mexico, and because it is crucial, you will learn to use terms and definitions that prominent business people use.

Solving problems or inconveniences will be the key in this race. As for numbers, in this profession, you will learn that mathematics is essential for daily life since business is managed based on algebra and logic. Likewise, in it, you will know that International Business is governed by the study not only of laws or legal principles but by ethics and responsibility with the other. Therefore, you will promote teamwork and dialogue between more than one way of thinking.

Are states and markets worldwide alien? The answer is no. When we are in Mexico, in the Bachelor of International Business, you will study the context and most of the elements that govern another country and society. For example, in addition to attending classes in your mother tongue, it is widespread to find Mexican universities that teach courses in the English language for this career. 

What will you learn in the Bachelor of International Business? 

  • As this profession ranges from social, geographical, historical, cultural and social behavior; You will study the measures of buying and selling products used in different parts of the world. 
  • You will do a lot of research and learn about agreements and treaties between countries. 
  • In this Bachelor’s degree, you will read a lot about what is happening today. You will look beyond the classes. You will analyze the point of view of others, and, critically, you will form reflective and analytical thinking. 
  • You will learn not to keep the first piece of information you find. Therefore, your sense of criticism will grow. 
  • You will study the basic concepts of economics and statistics to give you a global vision of how other countries are related. 
  • You will know treaties and legal agreements. 
  • You will study the processes of importing and exporting products or services, and you will learn to solve all kinds of problems at the business level. 

What is studied in the International Business career? Economics, law, accounting, marketing, finance, statistics, entrepreneurship, innovation, new ideas for new projects, the development of treaties, agreements, rules, norms and, above all, the relationship with other types of culture. 

Finally, because business moves the world, and the world moves by human beings, as a member of this professional career, you must be aware of what happens in your country daily, and speak in public and express your ideas. 

Now that you know a little about what is studied in the International Business Degree come to the ISEC Business University. We offer this modality!

Prepare for the present and the future.

Meet the ISEC Business University. Regarding our Institution, since 1954, we have maintained an agreement with large study houses such as the National Polytechnic Institute and the National Autonomous University of Mexico. In the case of UNAM, to date, the study plan of the Bachelor of Psychology and the Bachelor of Administration and Law, incorporated into an Open University System, has entrusted us as a responsible Private University, respectful and loyal.

Likewise, among the Universities of International Business, we stand out for incorporating Master’s Degrees, doctorate and the rest of our Bachelor’s Degrees to the Ministry of Public Education (SEP). Learn more about our teaching staff, facilities, and the study plans of more than eight professional careers. 

Over the years, our Institution has positioned itself as an outstanding Private University. With us, students have: 

  • Certifications and alliances with different brands and institutions such as Oracle Academy, IBM, Microsoft, Adobe Certified Associate or It Open Knowledge Center
  • Wifi and Multimedia Service
  • Office 365 service
  • Courses and workshops
  • Tutoring and Consulting
  • A campus with an Auditorium, Computer Room, Private Library, Oral Trials Room, Reading Room, Cafeteria, all in excellent condition

“Being within the duty to be”

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