How do i install IPTV on a smart TV?

How do i install IPTV on a smart TV

First, for users who might be confused by the term IPTV, its meaning needs to be clarified. With this acronym, which stands for Internet Protocol Television, we refer to the possibility of watching TV channels through an internet connection, thus avoiding having to necessarily depend on the antenna and digital terrestrial which could be subject to poor coverage in certain areas. of the country.

The difference with respect to analog, digital and satellite television is in the possibility of using video on demand, thus meeting the favor of users who do not want to submit to a closed transmission system, where the distributor decides when and what content to transmit.

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On-demand content

The future is clear in this sense, consumers will increasingly prefer entertainment content to fit their lifestyle and not the other way around.

For example, if in prime time a movie that you absolutely want to see is broadcast on TV, you will not be forced not to leave the house but you can safely watch it when you return with an on-demand system. This does not necessarily have to lead to the death of traditional TV but it represents an unstoppable evolution that will gain more and more support.

Beware of piracy

A due consideration to be made is that often, IPTV is also synonymous with piracy, since many users do not limit themselves to using free-to-air channels but try to bypass subscriptions and subscriptions to see paid programs.

We discourage such use as it is highly illegal and punishable by law. We, therefore, invite you to conscientiously use the IPTV system whose configuration we are about to describe below.

Installation guide

If you own a smart TV and you also want to take advantage of IPTV but you are not sure where to start, we invite you to follow our guide to be able to install the necessary and configure everything in the best possible way.

The first step is of course to prepare the TV, if you have not yet connected it to the home internet network it is time to do it. It is a very simple operation, get the password of your Wi-Fi connection, usually an alphanumeric code that you can find on a sticker placed under the modem/router. If you have changed your password, remember to use the new one.

Each Smart TV has its own menu, however, it is usually enough to press the “menu” or “home” button on the remote control and go to the settings (often indicated with a gear icon) and look for the card that talks about the connection of Network. Here you will find two types of connections: wired via Ethernet cable and wireless. According to your configuration, choose one or the other, entering all the necessary data.

After a short wait, you should be online and ready to go to your TV’s virtual store to download the IPTV application.

IPTV app

Where available, you can download SS IPTV, one of the most used programs that allow you to load M3U lists, where the television channels are located.

To search for it in your catalog, you can click on the magnifying glass and enter the name of the application or simply the acronym “IPTV”.

Then download the SS IPTV multimedia player which among the most interesting advantages has its interface completely in Italian, thus meeting the needs of users who are not very familiar with English. At the end of the installation, you can start the program to start the configuration, necessary to watch the TV channels.

After clicking on “I accept” to the various disclaimers that will appear on the screen, you will have access to the main menu of the application where you will find different options: General, Appearance, Content, Parental Control, Various, Information.


In the first tab, you can manage the general settings and proxies, we do not recommend changing the parameters if you are not particularly experienced. Much simpler and more intuitive is the Appearance section since it will let you choose the theme and the interface of the program, simply to change the appearance of the application screens so that they meet your personal taste.

Parental control is to prevent, if your children have access to smart TV, they can access channels that they shouldn’t tune in on their own. In Miscellaneous, it is possible to change the time displayed while the Information refers to the software version.

If you have paid attention, we have skipped a particular tab, the “Content” one, since in this you will have to insert the playlist of the channels to view. By clicking on the menu item on the left, a tab with the wording “+ Add” will appear in the lower center, by clicking there you can insert your playlist previously stored on an external media (such as a hard disk or USB key) strictly in the format “M3u”. After inserting it, you can press on “Save” at the top right and ensure that it is always used when the program is opened.

If you want to use the channels made available by the program, you can click on the “Open TV” tab in the main menu. In this way, you will not have to configure any m3u playlists but you will not have access to all the channels broadcast in the clear in our country.

Alternatives to SS IPTV

A small consideration to make in closing is that depending on the brand of your Smart TV you may have a virtual store from which to buy and download different applications. Therefore, if you do not find the application we have indicated to you, it could depend on the manufacturer’s decision not to make it available to the public because it is used improperly.

This is the case of Samsung, for example, which has eliminated the SS IPTV application from its virtual store, thus forcing it to opt for other solutions such as OTTplayer.

If you want to use this different program you will first have to register on the official website, by entering a username, a password and an e-mail. Then you can follow the same procedure as previously indicated for downloading applications from the virtual store.

Upon opening you will need to log in with the account created on the OTTplayer website, thus you will have access to the full functionality of the program, adding m3u playlists created by you to see your favorite channels via a broadband connection.

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