How to Factory Reset an Amazon Kindle Tablet Easily?

How to factory reset an Amazon Kindle Tablet.

We all know what the Amazon Kindle is a great invention for lovers of reading. Therefore, many times it is necessary to factory reset an Amazon Kindle Tablet. Especially when you want to sell it or simply to restore it and load some files again. This is why it is necessary to know the easiest and safest method, here we have it together with other interesting information about these great Tablets.

What should you do to factory reset an Amazon Kindle Tablet?

Like any device, it is common that when moving from one hand to another it is necessary to restore it from the factory so that your data is not in the hands of others. Thus, the Amazon Kindle offers two fairly simple methods to leave them as a factory, we explain both below.

First, you should know that any of these two methods that you use will erase everything the content that the tablet contains. If this is what you want, then there will be no problem in following the instructions that we will give you below.

Simple Reset or Soft Reset

To start, let’s talk about the simple way to do it, you must open the menu of your tablet by sliding the notification bar down. There, you must touch the three dots or bars that are one above the other and that represent the menu.

While there, select “Settings”, then within the application you must click again on the points or bars, this will display a new menu. In it, you will see several options, including “Reset” you must select it.

After this, it only remains to accept the restoration confirmation message and voila, in a few minutes you will have your Tablet as new. Remember that to configure it you must enter an Amazon account, if you are going to sell or give it away, let the person configure it.

Hard reset

The other way to factory reset an Amazon Kindle Tablet is a bit more elaborate, to achieve it, you must first turn off your Tablet. Then, you need to press the “Power” and “Volume up” buttons at the same time. Once you do this, you must wait for the “Amazon” logo to appear, then a menu will be displayed that is only operated with the keys.

Use the volume keys to scroll and the Power key to select an option, it is mandatory that you search for “wipe data / hard reset”. Select this option with the power button, in the new menu select “Yes — delete all user data”.

This will begin the reboot process, once it is finished, you must restart the tablet, for this, in the main menu choose “reboot system now”. When the tablet is finished turning on it will be as it came from the factory, without data or books.

Why Factory Reset an Amazon Kindle Tablet?

Being a device that basically stores content, it is likely that at some point it will become too slow. This makes the experience very small and takes away a bit of interest in the device. In fact, if you decide to gift a Kindle book from Amazon to cheer someone up, it won’t help if your tablet is slow.

Therefore, restoring it is the best way to return it to its initial brightness, but yes, first, you must remove all the important data that it may contain. You can do it on a computer, anyway, then you can recharge it if you want, although it is best to clean it and keep only what is important.

For many people, restoring this type of Tablet is important so that their data does not get adrift when selling or giving the device away. Therefore, it is best to erase them to zero before giving them, thus, the data is kept in the hands of its owner.

We must emphasize that factory reset an Amazon Kindle Tablet can be done as many times as necessary and can solve one or another problem. In fact, if you don’t have the option to change the orientation or rotate the screen, it may also be due to an error that requires a reboot.


Based on all of the above, in the same way, it is best not to do it constantly, because it is difficult for the computer to fill up so quickly with content.

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