How to make money with Instagram

how to make money

Have you ever thought that the time invested in surfing with your tablet on social networks can also be useful because it can make you money? In a world where technology is making great strides and modern trades are spreading mainly through the use of the world wide web, even the simple posting of a photo on Instagram can earn the account owner up to six hundred dollars a year. month; do you want to find out how? Continue reading the useful guidelines to learn how to make money on Instagram.

Accumulating a large number of followers is the first step towards making money

The success of Instagram has actually amazed all users who did not think that from publishing simple photos online you could even create a huge round of money, giving life to a business that includes high fashion brands and numerous commercial activities involved internationally. The mechanism that allows you to earn with Instagram is also very simple, with the method illustrated by 24; based on the number of followers you are able to attract, a famous brand or a large company could contract you by asking you to publish your future posts advertising their merchandise.

If the user does not have a high number of followers and at the same time publishes poor quality photos and videos, in this case, it would not benefit the company that would have no interest in investing on his profile. In other words, you will have to transform into amateur models and become famous for the inner circle of the social network world. So how do you increase the number of your followers on Instagram? Fortunately, you just need to know how to use the right words based on the context; this means that whenever you decide to publish a photo or video, these must first be of excellent quality, and secondly, you must necessarily accompany them with as many hashtags as possible so that they are displayed more.

For example, if you intend to work with Italian brands, up to five thousand followers are sufficient, while at the international level there are at least thirty thousand followers. Once you have passed this first step, you will almost certainly be contacted by a brand, or again, through a private message, you can propose yourself to the brand you are most interested in, as an influencer, and hope to be contacted again.

Once an agreement has been established, the real collaboration begins which obviously must be taken seriously because it can allow you to earn hundreds of euros a month, but also gifts from the brand and vouchers, simply by using your smartphone; the brand will ask you to advertise certain goods a number of times a day through photos and videos; for example, you will have to wear a specific hat, drink a famous drink or be photographed with a well-known bag: a breeze for those who love fashion and earn money as a supermodel online.

Earn money on Instagram with an online business

Making money with Instagram can also prove to be a strategic move by small shops or businesses that intend to advertise themselves to increase the number of their customers. Do you have a shoe and clothing store? Do you sell fashion accessories? Have you ever thought about creating a profile on Instagram in the name of the company and selling your products online throughout Italy and why not even abroad?

That the online shopping is a revolution that is increasingly catching on because it is actually much more comfortable buying a few clicks, and more often at extremely affordable prices for products online; how to make the most of this opportunity if you have items to sell? The method is always the same: increase your number of followers through the use of sensible hashtags and never out of context and be able to make yourself known to thousands of people through a simple social network. Once you have reached a certain number of followers you can start photographing your products perhaps on models or in any case always try to create captivating photos, with bright colors and with excellent resolution; don’t forget to make one detailed description of the product in question and a few phrases that can attract customers and convince them to contact you.

Once you have created your small circle of loyal customers, the number of requests will grow day by day thanks to simple word of mouth and you will be able to earn while sitting comfortably on the sofa at home only using Instagram. To start your business on Instagram it is not necessary, among other things, to own a business; for example, even if you have a small number of followers, you could privately sell second-hand items or handicrafts you make yourself. There are many examples and testimonies on the web, of users who through Instagram have privately managed to sell online furniture items that they have not used for some time, such as: furniture, cushions and furnishings.

You can provide the user with the online payment method and thus conclude an agreement; among other things, always remember to establish an excellent relationship with your customers and always try to satisfy them so that they can go back to doing business with you. To further round-up and increase the number of followers, the seller can also privately contact an influencer, the one who lends his image for the sponsorship of specific products and thus try to complete a business agreement managing to earn both thanks to the help. of the latter, then to the official profile of the company. You will probably not be so successful at the beginning, but with a lot of patience and time, you will undoubtedly be able to create the circle of followers able to guarantee you an excellent net income every month.

How to make money with Instagram: the 4 best methods!

More and more users are able to make money online thanks to the famous app dedicated to photo sharing. We are talking about Instagram, whose actual potential is often ignored by followers who limit themselves to using it only for playful purposes or strictly linked to social dynamics. When we talk about earning with Instagram we are not referring to content income that fluctuates between 100 and 200 euros per month, with this app we can earn a real salary.

We would like to dwell on this point to make you understand that here it is not a method to be able to round up and consequently a system to be able to obtain small constant figures over time, with Instagram we can not only earn substantial sums but also obtain over time in free travel offers, stays but also various types of products. How? Well before explaining how to make money with Instagram, we must make a clarification: the success of an Instagram profile does not depend on the number of images and videos posted, but on their frequency, their quality and above all their relevance to the type of loyal followers.

In this guide we will show you the 4 best ways to make money with Instagram:

1. INFLUENCER: the first way is to become an Influencer, that is, a personality who influences the community in the choice and purchase of some products. Obviously they are particularly appreciated and followed by companies and brands who offer them very interesting contracts, as well as a series of gifts and invitations. They know perfectly well that a photo in which that Influencer is using their product allows them to obtain a return in image and revenue higher than the advertising itself. For example, if a stranger posts a photo on Instagram in which he eats in a given restaurant, nothing happens, but if an Influencer post it, things change. In fact, he receives hundreds of euros for each shared photo.

“Instagram is nothing more than an opportunity to amplify the dynamics of the real world on a global level”.In fact, the difference between the virtual world and the real one is that on Instagram everyone starts from scratch and everyone (really!) Can become public figures. In fact, what matters on Instagram is not so much who you are in your current life but how many followers you can influence through your Instagram profile. Consequently, what makes the difference for your future online success is the size of your followers. To define a public figure as an Influencer in all respects are his followers who, however, must be active and that is are always ready to respond to constant solicitations through likes, comments and shares. If you have MANY followers, brands or any other business in general, they offer you their services for FREE or even get to pay you to use their products/services.

How much do you earn with Instagram?

An Instagram profile with 100,000 followers can earn its owner between 600 and 800 Euros for each photograph posted. To make this happen these followers must be active and therefore actively participate in discussions through likes and comments. In fact, what really matters for a brand beyond the number of sales is the engagement, that is the extent of the involvement of your traffic. The more active your followers are, the more brands come to consider you as an excellent investment since they pay you every time you promote their product. Consequently, it is also necessary to put followers in a position to encourage comparison and discussion. In this sense, Instagram also appears to be a fertile ground for calls to action, calls to action, which has the specific purpose of triggering a reaction to engage user traffic. For example, many users choose the form of the question to encourage followers to express an opinion. The secret is to respond to everyone in order to consider every single item.

Furthermore, if an Instagram profile has 500 thousand followers, it can earn the owner from 1600 to 2600 € per sponsored photo. The ideal would be to have a profile not only with many fans but also targeted on a specific market niche. In that case, it can bring in figures that exceed $ 10,000 per photo.

What matters is the web reputation that must never be affected. Negative feedback is enough to compromise your reliability. Surely even the best Influencers have negative reviews but brands are not stupid and know how to distinguish bad feedback for free from those aimed at improving the community experience. For this reason, it is important that the Instagramer is careful about what he advertises because, if he promotes a poor quality product, he will find himself burning up his reputation in a few months.

How to create a successful profile

To create a successful professional profile like that of Chiara Ferragni, considered the most famous Italian Instagram, able to generate stratospheric earnings with Instagram, it is necessary to aim for a series of intermediary objectives, i.e. preparations to achieve success. First of all, as we have shown you previously, you need to have a good follower base (in Italy they count 5 thousand, while 30 thousand are needed internationally), then you need to give yourself a clear and captivating identity, so find a topic that you are passionate about and only address that audience with your same passion. At that point, you have to turn your followers into active followers, and that is, you have to force the interaction in order to intrigue the brands. To do this, you need to use hashtags strategically.

How do you choose the right hashtags?

They are nothing more than keywords chosen by the Instagrammer to facilitate the access of potential buyers to their page. For example, if we are looking for a supplement with specific characteristics, we write its name in the search box of Instagram. In a nano second it will provide us with all the posts and profiles that are associated because they used the hashtag with that word. Consequently, if you don’t add them in the caption it will be very difficult for you to be found. Generally, on the web there is a tendency to invent very creative hashtags that look more like thoughts than the name of the products or services you are looking for. Well, you can put those in the queue, you have to give priority to those who identify their product. The ideal would be to put 6: one or two associated with the product,

2. Sell your own products

To sell products on Instagram you need to learn how to use hashtags in the most right and conscious way possible, with which you can increase your audience and make yourself visible to those users who are in line with our interests. It is no coincidence that many businesses have started to increase their visibility with an increase in sales thanks to the use of hashtags, In short, these technical gimmicks do nothing but categorize products. This makes it easier for an actual consumer to find what they need quickly on Instagram. To sell with your products, the procedure is very simple: photograph the items for sale, put a captivating description with the right hashtags and suddenly you will begin to reap the first fruits between private messages and comments from users asking to be able to buy your product. Even bloggers even exploit Instagram to promote their articles and consequently divert views on their site.

3. Selling Affiliate
The sale affiliate on Instagram provides for the publication of special links to the product or service in photography. These links contain a code indicating that the user who visits the site by clicking that link has been invited by you. In this way, if a user arrives to buy that product or service for which you sent him the link, you receive a percentage of the sale. In general, this system was created above all to offer users one more chance when you don’t have a specific topic to focus on. By joining these products or services you have the opportunity to earn only if the visualization is converted into a purchase. From this point of view, it is necessary to set up your profile in a different way, that is by theming the photos and trying to accumulate followers whose interests are relevant to the products to be sold.

3. Sell with your own photographs
If you have a passion for photography you could emulate those professionals who use tools to automate their Instagram profile. The aim is to grow your Instagram page to become fairly famous. The popularity gained will help you to easily sell your photographs. On this wavelength Instaprint has created an empire, since through this site you can print photos from the web directly on various formats and materials, sending them directly to your home.

How to increase followers on Instagram
Instagram , the well-known app dedicated to sharing photos and images, like all social networks, offers a series of tools to make money online. Indeed unlike the famous and popular Facebook, it guarantees a higher percentage of conversions, where the gallery of images posted on your profile is seen as a sort of online showcase, where you can share the main products of your business as it happens for the Spanish social network. Pinterest. In order to monetize through Instagram, you must first understand how to increase the number of followers towards your profile, where it will be precisely the popularity gained to guarantee you the desired profit.

How to increase followers on Instagram?


First of all, we need to clarify a fundamental point: Instagram is a portal dedicated to photographs, therefore we must reserve the utmost care and attention in choosing the images you will share. They represent your business card and therefore you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. By publishing suggestive and original shots you will surely increase the number of your followers. In particular, among the various filters proposed by Instagram to modify your shot we recommend: Normal, Amaro, X-Proll, Earlybird, Hefe, Lomo-fi, Rise, Valencia, Brannan and Hudson, which are considered the most popular and therefore synonymous successfull.


In order to increase the number of followers it is necessary to publish photos with a certain frequency, demonstrating a marked dynamism in the management of multimedia contents. In this context, the time in which the photos are posted is really important, where according to a statistical survey, around 5 pm on Monday there is intense activity on Instagram, resulting in greater visibility for the most active and dynamic accounts. This also happens on Thursdays and Fridays around 3pm. 3 hours are enough to understand if a photo has been successful or not, given that 50% of likes and comments are ascertained in that period of time.


Another way to increase the number of followers is to increase the engagement of your account through cross-sharing on other social networks. For this reason it is particularly recommended to connect your Instagram account to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. To do this, just select the gear icon at the top right and select the “linked accounts” menu. In this way, with a single gesture you can post that particular photo on all your social networks, prompting potential customers or simple followers to look for you on Instagram , increasing the number of followers.

But beware that Twitter unlike Facebook or Tumblr does not publish photographs in the form of images, but links, making it more difficult to intrigue users on the platform. To overcome this problem, you can follow a particular procedure, using the If This Than That service , to which you must subscribe by clicking on the Sign Up item (top right), then select the operation you want, connecting the various accounts. to the app via the Connect button . At this point you must activate the script by clicking on the Add item and your social networks will automatically be connected with Instagram allowing you to view the images on Twitter as well.

One of the most common and used systems to increase followers on Instagram is to use popular hashtags, i.e. those that are most famous on that topic. In this context, we must not use these hashtags in an irresponsible way, that is, creating some from scratch because in this way we only risk annoying the followers. It is true that on other platforms the creative hashtags have replaced the comments and the words themselves of the statuses, but on Instagram, the speech is different since the unpopular hashtags could result in a series of penalties from the same algorithms of the platform.

How to know which are the most popular hashtags?

To understand which are the most popular hashtags, you need to contact the Website , a popular free portal that shows the hundred most used hashtags on the app based on the chosen topics. Keeping in mind that another useful strategy to increase your followers on Instagram is to search for keywords in English in order to reach any country. Furthermore, for those who are beginners, we recommend adding this to the various hashtags: #firstpost, i.e. the first post in the event that it is the first photograph you post on your account. The community is generally well prepared to follow those who publish their first post.


You need to focus above all on the interaction and therefore it is particularly recommended to give feedback to those who liked your shot, like back or commenting on a photo of them. Keeping in mind that Instagram users prefer comments to likes, as they are much less frequent and therefore will allow you to be noticed more. In this regard, look for people who manifest interests similar to yours, in order to encourage interaction.


The contest is also used in other company and is considered ideal tools to encourage interaction and discussion as they come in the form of a question, and you know the company wants the public to express an opinion on everything and on every subject. In case you have an activity you can give away some advantageous prizes in order to increase your followers and at the same time make you known by the community. In particular, the most successful contests are those that require potential followers to take photographs relating to the chosen topic and post them on the social network with a common hashtag.

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