How to transfer music from CD to mp3 player

How to transfer music from CD to mp3 player

Are your favorite songs all on CDs? Don’t worry, here you will find a way to take them to your mp3 player, to listen to them wherever you want.

If you are part of the group of people who still love to buy the original CDs of their favorite artists, you might also want to listen to the songs on your mp3 player and therefore also on your smartphone.

But is it possible to transfer music from the CD? Or will you be forced to rent/buy mp3 files again? No, don’t worry, all you need is your computer and one of the many software on the net that allows you to transform your music files.

If you have Windows

If you are one of the many users who have a PC with Windows as an operating system, everything will be much simpler: you will not need to install any additional programs. In fact, the only thing you’ll need is Windows Media Player, the player included with all computers running Microsoft’s system.

How then? First of all start the program, then select the icon showing a disk, which is located on the left side. Then click on CD copy settings, located at the top right, and then choose the file format in Output: among those available, you will also find MP3, which will be the one to select. First, therefore, choose this item from the Format menu and then, from the Audio quality one, 320kbps, if you want to obtain a clear and fluid sound.

Naturally, you have already inserted the CD, first of all, so now you just have to select all the tracks you want to modify, click on Copy from CD and wait for the system to finish the transformation process.

Where will the mp3 files thus create go? In the preset Music folder, which in turn will contain a subfolder named after the album you got the songs from. At this point, all you have to do is connect the mp3 player or smartphone to the computer and transfer all the files inside. Have good listening!

If you have a Mac

Those of you who have already had to deal with an iPod are familiar with iTunes, the software designed by Apple that allows you to insert songs on your player. Well, thanks to this product, if you have a Mac, you can turn the music from the CD into mp3.

In fact, within iTunes, there is a function that provides for the modification of files in AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, uncompressed WAV and MP3.

How to proceed? Once the program is open, click on Preferences, at the top left, and then on Import Settings at the bottom right. In the Import Using drop-down menu, set the MP3 encoder and then select the quality: to get clear songs it is good to opt for customized functions and to enter 320kbps so as not to have to sacrifice your ears to listen to music in bad resolution. Once you have adjusted the settings, insert the CD, which iTunes should automatically recognize and then ask if you intend to modify the files contained within it. Just click on Yes to start the process.

Unless you have changed the initial settings, the files will be saved in the iTunes library folder. What to do, however, if the program does not immediately detect the inserted CD? Just click on the disc at the top left, check the tracks you want to edit and finally click on Import CD, located at the top right.

Of course, iTunes is also available for other operating systems, such as Windows, so you can use it without problems if, for example, the Windows Media Player gives you problems or does not work properly.

And with Linux?

Do you have Ubuntu and don’t know how to get your MP3 files from a CD? Don’t worry, even Linux allows you to transform and let you listen to your favorite songs on your player or smartphone. You can, for example, install free software such as Sound Juicer, which requires no special knowledge and is therefore very easy to use.

Then open the Ubuntu Software Center and search for the program, click on Install and enter the administrator password to complete the operation. At this point you will need to install the MP3 codec: open System Settings, click on Software and updates and then on Maintained by the community, free and open-source software (universe). Go to the Software for Ubuntu tab and select Software with copyright or legal restrictions (multiverse).

At this point open the Terminal and send the following command: sudo apt get-install ubuntu-restricted-extras, then press S to start the installation of the codec. at a certain point you will be asked to accept the conditions of use of the software: just click OK.

Once this is done, it’s time to start Sound Juicer, which will be present in the side menu as an icon. In the Preferences menu, which you will find at the top left, under CD Drive, your CD / DVD drive must be selected to allow the program to operate.

In the Output Format drop-down menu, click on MPEG Layer Audio 3 and then select the destination folder for your output tracks.

At this point the game is done: you are ready to start the conversion. Click on the songs you want to convert to mp3 and then press the Extract button to start the conversion. It may happen, however, that Sound Juicer does not recognize the inserted CD: try selecting Disc and then Re-read directly from the menu located at the top left.

From computer to player
At this point, you can transfer the resulting files to your mp3 player and enjoy your favorite songs. You can use iTunes, via the Add to Library button, to create one or more playlists to listen to whenever you want.

If your player is not purely an iPod, you can also use Windows Media Player: once the program is open, click on Organize, then Manage multimedia catalogs and finally Music.

In the Music Library Paths window, click on the folders that contain your music files and then press the Include Folder button. At this point, just synchronize your player with Windows Media Player to have the songs automatically transferred.

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