Leaf blower Purchasing Criteria list

Leaf blower Purchasing Criteria list

The leaves accumulated in the garden can give anyone real headaches. If you are already tired of gathering and sweeping, perhaps, it is because the time has come to buy a good leaf blower.

Leaf blower Purchasing Criteria list in below

There are different models, each with its advantages and disadvantages. But there are some criteria that must always be taken into account before deciding on yours.

  • Power and speed
  • Drums
  • Collector bag capacity
  • Portability and flexibility
  • Noise

Power and speed

The first thing to look for in a good leaf blower is its power. Otherwise, your cleaning job will have to be done in half or you may end up getting irritated because of the slow process.

For gasoline models, for example, you should not purchase equipment that has less than 2500 watts.


For those who want another battery blower, it is essential to make sure that it is made of lithium ions (and not Ni-Cad). It is already known that these are the ones that need less maintenance when compared to other models.

Regarding the duration, the most recommended is that the machines are able to run for at least 45 minutes at full power.

Collector bag capacity

If the leaf blower includes suction and crushing functions, it is good to know which type of bag will come from the factory. In addition, it must be made of a resistant material, as the branches and other waste collected can tear it and damage it.

It is also recommended to check if it has a capacity of at least 45 liters so that you don’t have to keep emptying it after each use.

Portability and flexibility

Using a leaf blower can become quite a boring task if your garden is very large or if it takes several hours to get the job done.

A key aspect is the total weight of the machine and, mainly, that it has a compact and ergonomic shape so that it fits comfortably with the operator’s body. That way, your job will be much easier and more efficient.


Due to the awareness that there is noise in the environment, it is also important to evaluate the noise that a leaf blower makes before buying it.

Without having to give up a good power and speed of the machine, it is possible to pay attention to the product description and that the noise does not exceed 89 decibels. Thus, you can clean your garden, respecting the peace of your neighbors and taking care of your own health.


A leaf blower is a tool designed for the care and maintenance of the garden or the sidewalks of the house. From different propulsion systems, they blow air at a high speed to collect the waste for later cleaning. These machines are very useful for getting rid of the accumulated leaves, cut grasses, branches and weeds that are usually present in a garden.

The different types of leaf blowers differ according to their power source: gasoline, battery or electric (with cable). Each has its own benefits and is used in different contexts. Many models, in addition to being blowers, also have the functions of vacuum and shredder, being able to further complement their functions in cleaning an enclosure. The best models are the lightest and most ergonomic.

If you liked the article, share it among your contacts so that other people also know more about everything about a good leaf blower. Certainly, many people can take advantage of this information before making their purchase. If you want, you can leave a comment and it will be answered soon!

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