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Spotemgottem is an American Hip Hop trap drill rapper & songwriter who is famous for his 2020 hit single “Beat Box” which took place at number 12 on Billboard Hot 100. Spotemgottem real name is Nehemiah Lamar Harden who was born in October 19, 2001 at Jacksonville, Florida, USA.He is currently signed with Universal Music Group’s Geffen Records , Interscope Records also Rebel Music.Spotemgottem is also known for his famous songs like “Thug Harmony”,”Tooka”, “Street Gossip”,”Straight Facts” and few more.

spotemgottem net worth

spotemgottem net worth

Spotemgottem’s net worth is roughly $1 Million.Nehemiah Lamar Harden aka Spotemgottem’s annual income is around $100K. Spotemgottem net worth gradually increased over the period of time.He owns a Ford car worth $40,000 which suggests Harden is not fond of luxurious cars. Spotemgottem monthly salary is $8280+ most of it he earns through, paid promotios on his YouTube channel and Instagram account.

spotemgottem net worth

This following chart below describes Spotemgottem net worth over the years:

Annual income :$100,000+
Net worth $1 million
Monthly Income:$8,280 +
Date of Birth:October 19, 2001
Gender: Male.
Nationality: American.

SpotemGotten net worth growth

Year.     Net worth 
2022 $1.2M
2021. $850K
2019. $300K
2017.  $20k

spotemgottem shot

Spotemgottem was shot in his hip when he was driving on a highway in Miami, September 17th,2021.

In early morning that day, Spotemgottem was driving a Dodge Charger on I-95 when the car was hit with gunfire,there were 22 bullet holes on the driver’s side, according to Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Alejandro Camacho.Another person was sitting in the backseat of the car, sustained gunshot wounds to both legs.Both Spotemgottem and the other person were taken to the hospital.

Regarding this incident, the Florida Highway Patrol don’t have any information about the gunman.

is spotemgottem alive

Spotemgottem is alive.After the highway incident, he was taken to Aventura Hospital for surgery. Spotemgottem lawyer, Raven Liberty, told the Miami Herald(Local News Paper) on incident’s day afternoon,that he had surgery and was in stable condition.His lawyer stated “He is alive, most importantly,”. Also stated “This was not a shootout.He was a victim of a drive-by shooting.”

spotemgottem height /biography

Spotemgottem is a fitness freak considered his body measurements. He weights about 63kG(approximately). Spotemgottem height is 1.6m and his body measurements are as follows,

spotemgottem biography
Net Worth $1.2M
Age 20 Years Old(As of before 2022's October)
Height (1.6 m)
Weight62 KG (Approx )
Date Of Birth 19 October 2001
Birthplace Jacksonville,Florida, america
Nationality united state
Ethnicity. Mixed
Income ($100,000+)
Spouse N/A
hit songsBeat Box, Beat Box 2
Real Name Nehemiah Lamar Harden

How old is spotemgottem

Spotemgottem real name is Nehemiah Lamar Harden.He was born in Jacksonville FL in October 19th ,2001.As of now 2022, Spotemgottem is 20 years old and his net worth is $1.2M.

Since childhood, Spotemgottem was highly interested in music and wanted to make career in music industry.He is a freestyle rapper; of which people are crazy about.

In 2018, at the age of 17, Spotemgottem started his career by releasing his first song “Street Gossip” on his official YouTube channel and SoundCloud. This song became a sensation and his freestyle singing was heavily appreciated by listeners.This song has over 2.7M views on YouTube and SoundCloud combined.

In the first month of 2019, Spotemgottem released his second song “Thug Harmony”.After releasing this song he became an overnight sensation.Then, He continuously released songs after that on his official YouTube channel and SoundCloud.

On 21th April 2020, Spotemgottem released his mega hit song “Beatbox” which made him more popular than ever.This song has over 23 million views,now. After this song, Spotemgottem continued his journey by releasing songs like,”No Bodyguard” “Creep”,”Drill”,”Flaws” which solidated his career in music.

Take a glimpse on Spotemgottem hit songs:

  • Beat Box
  • Beat Box 2
  • Tooka
  •  Federal
  •  Attic
  •  No Tik Tok
  •  Creep
  •  No Bodyguard

spotemgottem instragram

Spotemgottem now has huge fan following, in Instagram he has 980k followers and at his official YouTube channel he has 590k subscribers.Day by day, Spotemgottem’s popularity is increasing.

spotemgottem instragram id >  Spotemgottem 

Spotemgottem tattoos

Spotemgottem has a lot of tattoos over his body but controversial one is on his forehead which is a teddy bear tattoo.He said in a interview, He always wanted to have tattoos which raises his self esteem.He expenses a lot of money on tattoos and yet interested in having new ones..

spotemgottem lyrics

Spotemgottem is one of the best songwriter in america and united kingdom , who loves to write lyrics for songs. spotemgottem His good skill in songwriting is praiseable and because of his amazing lyrics writing skills his songs are being popular among listeners.

Spotemgottem likes to write in quite  places or when driving which sounds a bit odd but his writing skill is sophisticated and elegant.

Spotemgottem hair

Spotemgottem has wick black hair and brown eyes. His hair length is 9inch, to maintain hair Spotemgottem surprisingly expense $3000 dollars a month. He said, he likes to flick his hair and his hair remind him his states tradition.He loves his hairstyle more than he likes to workout. Spotemgottem spends a lot of money and time to maintain his hairstyle.

Spotemgottem real name

Spotemgottem real name is Nehemiah Lamar Harden who was born in October 19, 2001 at Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

Although, he is popular as Spotemgottem to outside world but in Florida he is known by “Harden boy” along with the name Spotemgottem. He is professionally known as Spotemgottem.

Spotemgottem update

After the incident on September 17th,2021,Spotemgottem has become more popular and became headline in national news paper. Although he has not seen in public after drive by shooting accident but fans are expecting he will announce his next song release date in the end of 2022.

Spotemgottem car

Spotemgottem seems to o not attached to luxurious cars as other celebrities but he drives a Ford car which is around $40,000 dollars.A few times, he spotted to drive motorcycle though he doesn’t own a motorcycle.


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