What is the Best Car Charger 2022?


Car chargers are very affordable, so they are affordable for all budgets. The problem is that there are many car charger on market. Which is the best and why by reading our guide it will be possible to get a better idea of ​​the characteristics to look for in a product.

How to Choose the Best Car Charger?

Number of sockets

Car chargers are objects with a very simple use, in fact just connect them to the cigarette lighter socket via the plug to be able to immediately charge the desired devices. One of the substantial differences between the various models lies in the number of sockets available. The most common ones have a single USB socket which could be more than enough for those who have only one smartphone and want to charge it or keep it connected to use the navigator.

On the other hand, you want to go on a long journey with friends, then it is more advisable to buy a car charger with multiple output, so you can charge multiple devices at the same time.


There should be no problems but always check if the charger purchased is compatible with your devices. You can find chargers only for Apple or Samsung that only work with certain types of devices. Usually the manufacturer provides an accurate compatibility list on the product sheet that we recommend you read carefully so as not to make a wrong purchase.


Car chargers can be potentially harmful to your devices, unless they have a good internal security system. We recommend that you only buy products that have good overcharge or overcurrent protection, so that you can charge your smartphones or tablets without risking the battery to melt. This not only applies to charging, but also and above all if you keep the phone plugged in to listen to music or use the navigator.

Some chargers automatically recognize the connected device, giving it the right charge and further avoiding overload problems. Fortunately, modern chargers today not just the best brand on the market, should have these safety systems, so in general you can be on the safe side.

How to use a car charger

Modern smartphones tend to drain faster and faster and, for this reason, the car charger has become an essential accessory if you travel often or if you are forced to use very expensive applications such as maps and navigators during the journey.

Many models also allow you to charge multiple mobile devices at the same time thanks to the presence of multiple USB ports, each of which can be connected to the cable of your mobile phone or tablet.

How does it work

These devices use electricity produced by the vehicle’s accumulator, usually via the cigarette lighter socket or a dedicated 12 volt outlet located on the dashboard. Once the transformer has been inserted, simply connect the cable to your mobile device to start charging.

Thanks to the practicality of these accessories, it is possible to recharge any device, Android, Apple or Windows, in the car, thus increasing its autonomy.

However, users should be informed that these chargers are often very affected by voltage surges, so turning the car on and off without disconnecting them from the socket could damage or break them.


To choose the best car charger you need to evaluate several specifications.

One of the parameters, in our fundamental opinion, is the amperage which indicates the power of the device and, in other words, its charging capacity.

The cheaper models have a very low amperage, which is usually 0.5 amps, which results in much longer charge times. Keeping in mind, then, that smartphones and tablets have limits regarding energy absorption, the average to refer to is between 1 and 2.4 Amps.


Each electronic device was once equipped with its own charger, but today the common standard is the Micro USB connector which is normally the same for all models, even if some small differences persist. In fact, in addition to the Micro USB standard, compatible with most mobile devices on the market, there are also chargers that support Lightning connectivity for iOS devices.

Furthermore, before proceeding with the purchase, you must carefully evaluate what you want to upload. If a device requires more energy, as in the case of tablets or laptops, it is necessary to consider the output value, i.e. the voltage and current parameters supplied by the charger. All USB connections usually deliver 5 Volts of power, so to understand if the model you are about to buy is the right one for your device, just check the value shown on the battery, which usually fluctuates between 3.2 and 3.8 Volts.


On the market there are models with different shapes and attacks, which are well suited to any type of situation. The simpler and cheaper chargers have a single USB port while others are equipped with multiple connections, useful if you are traveling with friends or if you use multiple mobile devices at the same time for business reasons.

Finally, before choosing the product that best suits your needs, also consider the accessories included in the package; often, in fact, only the charger to be connected to the cigarette lighter is sold, while in other cases one or more charging cables are also included, much more practical if you want to avoid always carrying that of your mobile device with you.

The Best Car Charger

Car chargers must be connected directly to the cigarette lighter plug and usually have a moderate price. On the market, however, there are really many models, so as not to lose orientation take a look at our guide, starting with the two products that we recommend among all: AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 supports fast charging and allows you to recharge two devices at the same time. Alternatively you can opt for DIVI USB Car Charger , with a practical LED indicator that allows you to find the charging ports even in poor visibility conditions.

AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 Two Port Car Charger

Among the best-selling car chargers we found this Aukey model that comes with a really affordable price and allows you to quickly charge your portable devices. It is compatible with Android or Apple smartphones and tablets that can be connected to the charger via a USB cable.

Thanks to Quick Charge 3.0 technology, full charge takes just thirty-five minutes. Users were very satisfied with the quality of the materials with which it was built, which proved to be resistant and long-lasting. In addition, this car phone charger has a safety system that prevents overloads and short circuits, so you can leave the devices attached without worrying about any damage.


Fast charging: The two available USB inputs are both equipped with Quick Charge 3.0 technology and are capable of recharging 80% of the energy of a mobile device in just 35 minutes; with devices without Quick Charge they work the same, but at normal speed.

Safe: It is equipped with a safety system capable of protecting both the charger itself and the connected devices from short circuits, overvoltages, overloads and overheating.

Versatile: It is compatible with iPhones and iPads, through AiPower technology integrated into the USB inputs, and the Quick Charge works with Samsung Galaxy, LG and Google Pixel and Nexus, for all other devices charging is normal.


Dimensions: The body is bulky and creates problems if the cigarette lighter socket is not flush with the dashboard.

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