What is the most typical dish of each country?

the most typical dish of each country

Each place is unique and its gastronomy too, that is why many times we remember countries for their food

In our blog, we have already talked about the most typical dishes of Castilla-La Mancha, the Valencian Community, or northern Spain, to give some examples.

Now, have you ever wondered what is the most typical dish of each country?

We do, and precisely for this reason, we have decided to compile the most traditional dish from 8 of the most visited countries in Europe.

Of course, we already anticipate that it has not been an easy task, since many other dishes have remained at the doors of this post.

1. Francesinha in Portugal

The francesinha is a hearty sandwich, made with layers of meat, ham, salami, egg, and even bacon. However, Portuguese cuisine is exquisite, so we invite you to discover the most typical dishes of Portugal.

2. Pizza in Italy

Doubt solved if you doubted between pasta or pizza as the most traditional dish in Italy. However, it is a dish that we can easily find in almost every country we visit.

3. Fish and chips in the UK

typical meals and dishesFish and chips, which translated into Spanish is ” fish and potatoes “, is the most traditional dish in the United Kingdom. And, although we are aware that in Spain this concept of mixing fish with French fries is not so popular, it is a dish that you have to order if you travel to the United Kingdom.

4. Bratwurst in Germany

It is the famous German sausage, which is generally accompanied by onion, potatoes, and sauce, although it is prepared in different ways from one city to another.

5. Wiener Schnitzel in Austria

It is not easy to pronounce (or to write), but it is by far one of the most recognized dishes of Austrian gastronomy. It is a very simple dish: some veal schnitzels are fried in batter with egg, flour, and breadcrumbs.

6. Musaka in Greece

Possibly the most traditional dish in Greek cuisine is mousaka: a tasty gratin of minced meat and aubergines accompanied by tomato sauce and béchamel sauce.

7. Pierogi in Poland

typical meals and dishesThese are small portions of pasta, which are curiously shaped like a dumpling, filled with cheese, meat, vegetables, spinach, potatoes or mushrooms mainly. However, the ingredients usually vary depending on the area in which you order this dish.

8. Moules-frites in Belgium

And finally, we recommend you try the modules -Frites if you travel to Belgium. This is a plate of mussels and potatoes, so, as you can see, the English, Welsh, Scots, and Irish are not the only ones who mix a plate of fish and potatoes.

If we had to opt for one of these dishes, we would not have it easy at all. And you, if you had to do the same, which of these dishes would you choose?

We hope you have discovered new dishes and, as usual, we remember that you can find many more posts like this on our blog.

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