Wi-Fi repeaters purchasing criteria: factors that allow you to compare

Wi-Fi repeaters purchasing criteria factors that allow you to compare

Purchasing a good wifi repeater is not that simple. Although everyone should do the same, there are several specifications to take into account depending on your needs. To support you in the search for the best wifi repeater for you, we have looked for the most important purchase criteria to take into account. Here we present them in depth so that, once you finish reading them, you have all the necessary tools to make the best purchase decision.

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  • Exterior or interior
  • Configuration to the network
  • Security
  • Ethernet ports

Table of Contents

Exterior or interior

The decision to buy an indoor or outdoor wifi repeater will largely depend on the range you want to give your repeater. An outdoor repeater is more expensive, but if you need to cover open areas it is a worthwhile investment.

Interiors. Indoor Wi-Fi repeaters are the easiest to install: you just plug them into the light and configure. Some designs are so compact that you won’t even notice them once set up. They are the most recommended option for most homes and offices.

Exteriors. This type of Wi-Fi repeaters is useful for cases in which it is necessary to have a wireless network in open spaces. Its installation is a bit more complicated since it requires wiring. It is ideal for public buildings such as schools, shopping malls, gardens or even parks.

Configuration to the network

Before buying your wifi repeater, it is a good idea to do a little research on the configuration of the model you are looking for. Some technologies allow you to easily configure the repeater with a single button and for one time, but some others are slower.

Push connect. This type of technology allows you to configure your Wi-Fi repeater in a single step and without reading any kind of instructions. You simply press the indicated button and the automatic WPS configuration will take care of the rest. We highly recommend looking for this feature to avoid complications.

Handbook. It is the most classic type of installation and the one found in the cheapest Wi-Fi repeaters. Its installation method will depend entirely on the model and you will need to read the instructions carefully to achieve it. We recommend you look for tutorials that give recommendations on configurations so that you buy a simple one.


Nothing is more important than our security and privacy when browsing the internet. It is not worth saving some money for a device that does not have some serious security measures. You should always prevent someone from browsing your network without authorization.

Most devices these days have very easy ways to set passwords and maintain acceptable security. It is also possible to create visitor networks to limit access to other people. We recommend that you review the product specifications to know its security measures before purchasing.

Ethernet ports

It is always recommended that your Wi-Fi repeater have at least one Ethernet port to increase the browsing speed on wired devices. However, it is important to pay attention to what type of Ethernet the equipment you want to purchase includes.

Fast Ethernet. Also called High-Speed ​​Ethernet, it is the series of standards that allow data to be transmitted at a speed of 100 Mbps (Megabit per second). It is the port that includes most single band repeaters and is recommended for almost any common navigation such as watching videos or downloading files.

Gigabit Ethernet. It is also known as Gigae and is an extension of the 802.3z Ethernet standard. This protocol can achieve the spectacular speed of up to 1 Gb per second, but only in dual-band repeaters. If you are an advanced gamer, we recommend having this bandwidth for your video games.

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